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Working with Apollo Basic & Writing for the web

for reviewers

This course is intended for employees who (occasionally) have to make changes to existing pages. The course is offered online and participants can follow it at a time appropriate to them and at their own pace.

In the context of the restructuring of the UG website, a stricter distinction will be made in the activities and access rights of the editors. Successful completion of the course is a condition for obtaining editing rights as a reviewer on the website. After completing the course you will be signed up for the newsletter web editors and your W3 webmaster will be notified.

Course fee


UG Staff: € 75

course enrollment

At the starting date of the course you will receive an e-mail with an explanation and a link to the practice area. You have 1 month to complete the course and hand in the final assignment.

In this online course you will learn how to use the Apollo Basis editor to make changes to existing pages. In addition, you follow the section Writing for the web in which you learn how to write attractive texts for web visitors.

The Writing for the web section is also available for free. The free variant has no final assignment that is assessed. It does include a quiz to test your knowledge. This course is purely intended for self-study and is not sufficient for gaining rights and/or to start the editor/publisher course. You can join the class by going to google classroom and clicking top right on the + button. Select Join class and enter the following code: tnu2bvd


Working with the Prospero inline editor:

  • Open Apollo Basic
  • Use the editor (simple formatting)
  • Clear formatting
  • Create lists
  • Insert horizontal line
  • Use styles
  • Upload files
  • Add hyperlink
  • Remove hyperlink
  • Insert table

Writing for the web:

  • Editorial principles for website
  • Structure of texts
  • Writing style
  • Meaningful link texts
  • Searchmachine optimalisation. Increasing the score of a web page in the results of search engines


The course assumes that you are familiar with an Internet browser (Internet Explorer or Mozzilla). HTML knowledge or experience creating websites is not required for this course.

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