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A gentle introduction to deep learning

Duration: 2 half days from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

This course is given on request.
For more information please contact Jonas Bulthuis (050 - 36 39259).

Chances are that deep learning could help your research, but you haven't quite started doing it yet. If you have some experience with Python, this workshop introduces you to designing deep learning models with Keras. You'll get to play with Feed Forward Neural Networks in an environment that we provide during the exercises. Even though deep learning relies on mathematics, we avoid it. If you know your maths, you'll be able to fill in these blanks and if not you get to focus on how to use deep learning.


We will discuss:

  • train / test / validation data set splits
  • learning curves
  • learning rates
  • weight initialization
  • gradient decent optimization methods for deep learning
  • regularization
  • overfitting
  • convolutional layers
  • pre-trained networks for image classification
  • word embeddings
  • models for text classifications


  • the workshop includes lectures and practicals
  • you can work on a RUG computer (or on your laptop)
  • we might add and exercise on recurrent neural networks

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