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Capacity building for supervisory bodies of tertiary education in Ghana

The Government of Ghana (GOG) has set out on an ambitious drive to enhance the overall quality, capacity and relevance of higher education. The main actors are the Ministry of Education, the institutions in the higher education sector and the three designated supervisory bodies NCTE, NAB and NABPTEX. On behalf of the Ministry of Education, multiple needs and priorities in higher education institutions are being addressed in several nationally funded programs.

This project provides a tailor-made approach to strengthen NCTE, NAB and NABPTEX in support of their respective missions of supervising the delivery of quality tertiary education in Ghana. The execution of the project will be supported by a team of education experts from the consortium partners University of Groningen, Hanze University Groningen and Education Expertise Centre Rotterdam.

Through staff training, joint development of methodologies and instruments (for monitoring and evaluation, accreditation and sectoral management), further policy development and close interaction with the higher education community, the capacity of the three supervisory bodies to effectively coordinate and assess the relevance and quality of higher education in Ghana will be strengthened. Furthermore, it is proposed to coordinate and support the introduction and development of competency-based-training curricula at polytechnic institutions. Through the project the internal capacities of the secretariats will be upgraded, and NCTE, NAB and NABPTEX will be enabled, in an efficient and sustainable way, to function as policy-making, coordinating and quality assurance agencies in support of national policies on higher education in Ghana.

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