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Support for digital exams by ESI

ESI offers support for digital exams in the Aletta Jacobshal. For each exam a procedure consisting of 4 stages is followed. Below is a resume of this procedure. Throughout the procedure you will be supported by one person of the support team for digital exams (FB Dito). We will communicate through the ‘Exam management’ module in Nestor. You will receive messages from us with information about what we expect from you at each stage in the procedure.

Intake stage
When your exam is marked by the scheduler as a digital exam, you receive an intakeform from us at 5 weeks before the administration. We kindly ask you to fill it in within a week. After FB Dito assesses the feasibility of your exam, the procedure continues to the preparation stage.

Preparation stage
FB Dito creates a new exam course in Nestor. You are enrolled as an instructor and start constructing the  exam. During the construction you can turn to FB Dito for support. We kindly ask you to finish a concept version of the exam at two weeks before the administration, so we can test your exam. One week before the administration, the final version of the exam should be ready. FB Dito then checks all settings and finishes the preparations.

Administration stage
During the exam, a student-assistant of Nestor Support will be present for troubleshooting and assistance with Nestor. If a student cannot log in to the exam, the student-assistant will make sure this student can participate either with his/her own account or with a guest account. We do not check whether a student was enrolled in ProgRESS. A list of which students had to be enrolled on the spot will be kept and provided to the lecturer.

Wrap-up stage
Directly after the exam, the student-assistant will close the exam and make a backup. A report of the administration (guest accounts used, late enrollments, incidents) is added to the exam course. For exams with MC questions FB Dito provides a statistical analysis. When you are finished with the grading, FB Dito can offer support with an online review for students.

050 363 3640 digitaaltoetsen

Test support
The ESI support team for digital exams is formed by the following employees:

Nestorsupport also offers assistance before, during and after a computer-based test.

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