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Educational Applications

The following applications are supported by Team ICT for Education

Course Evaluation (Blue)

Blue is the system that the University of Groningen uses to run its course evaluations. Blue offers users a lot of flexibility when creating evaluations and reports, incorporating data from multiple sources to give students a personalized experience. Available evaluations are shown to the student on the home page of Brightspace.

Although Blue is mainly focused on course evaluations, other types of evaluations are supported as well, such as programme evaluations or regular surveys.

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Student Portal and Learning Environment (Brightspace)

Brightspace is the electronic learning environment for the University of Groningen and plays a central role in education. Information and functionalities from other IT systems like Progress and Ocasys are integrated within Brightspace. All faculties use Brightspace intensively.

On the student portal users will find their courses but also for example their grades, news, and faculty tools.

Go to the EDUsupport website for more information. If you you have any questions please contact EDU Support

Lecure recordings and video (Kaltura)

Kaltura is the system that is used to watch or record lectures, livestreams and upload videos. Both students and lecturers can upload and watch videos. Kaltura can be accessed directly via a course in Brightspace (for course-related materials) or via (for other materials). Kaltura is managed by team ICT for Education. If you want to know more about Kaltura, you can visit the EDU Support website.

Course Catalogue (Ocasys)

Ocasys is the online course catalog for the University of Groningen, which is available in Dutch and English. Ocasys contains information for all courses given at the university, including language, learning objectives, teacher(s), literature and course load in ECTS. Ocasys also contains an overview of all study programmes, including specializations and tracks. The course and programme information in Ocasys often serves as the basis for faculty study guides.

As of January 2023 Ocasys 2.0 was released. From this point forward new functionalities are gradually being integrated to further develop the course catalog.

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Student information system (Progress)

Progress is the student and study information system (SIS) used by the University of Groningen. As such, it supports the educational logistics and study progress of students. Progress is supplied by external supplier Progress BV.

Progress ensures that students can enroll at the UG. To process enrollments, Progress is connected directly to the national enrollment portal Studielink. During their studies, a student’s enrollments and results are registered in Progress. Finally, the degree certificate and supplement are created in Progress.

All students can access their data in Progress Portaal. Administrative users and managers generally work in Progress.NET. Both systems are linked, so users can find the relevant data in both locations. Progress BV is taking steps to further integrate the two systems.

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Scheduling (Syllabus/Khronos)

Syllabus Plus is the timetabling system for the University of Groningen. Syllabus Plus is supplied by external supplier Scientia ICT Solutions.

All classes, practicals and other educational activities are scheduled in Syllabus Plus. This schedule is shared with other applications via internal connections. One such application is Khronos, which was developed by team ICT for Education. Khronos ensures that the current schedules can always be consulted via the Timetable.

In 2024, the University of Groningen will transfer to a new timetabling system. This system will offer new functionalities and user experience.

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Educational Planning Tool (PLAN)

As of 2023, the University of Groningen has been using PLAN as its educational planning tool. With PLAN, educational planners can easily match educational tasks with available teaching staff. Heads of departments and teachers themselves can use PLAN to easily get insight into their assigned tasks.

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Alumni information system (Raiser's Edge)

Raiser's Edge is a system used to keep track of alumni information at the University of Groningen. Faculties as well as the department of Alumni Relations & Fundraising update this information regularly. Storing and updating this data allows faculties to easily form groups of alumni for the organization of alumni days, drinks and information meetings. Moreover, this data is used in the distribution of the alumni magazine of the university, Broerstraat 5.

Career services (GradLeaders)

GradLeaders is the place where students at the University of Groningen can find career related activities and vacancies. Events and vacancies are listed by the central office of Career Services, by the faculties, study associations and local companies. Information from GradLeaders is also displayed on the Career tab on Brightspace.

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