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StuKO symposium with keynote by Ruth Healy

When:Th 11-04-2024
Where:Meerwold, Laan Corpus Den Hoorn 300, 9728 JT, Groningen


The full program of the 2nd StuKO symposium is a fact!
Are you a student as teacher, trainer, lecturer, coordinator, supervisor, policy maker or someone interested in working with student as teachers? Then come to the StuKO symposium on April 11, 2024 in Groningen! Do you know someone who works as a Student as Teacher, with Students as Teachers or who is interested in the StuKO project? Please forward this invitation!

Participation is free of charge. SATs who are joining the symposium can get their travel expenses reimbursed. You are very welcome!
Why are we looking forward to meeting you on the 11th of April?
With this 2nd symposium, ‘StuKO moves forward’, we want to share, look ahead and welcome more people. What do we share? Knowledge we have collected, products we have developed and the network we have built around Students as Teachers (SATs). At the end of the day you will know:

  • Why power relations and emotions play an important role in the collaboration between SATs and teachers/coordinators and how to deal with them;
  • What inspiring ideas and experiences can increase the quality of education through SATs;
  • How we acknowledge and value the efforts of SATs.

During the day there will be plenty of opportunity to meet each other and exchange ideas. There will be an extensive lunch and we will end with drinks.

Keynote Ruth Healey
The keynote will be provided by Ruth Healey. She is professor of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and conducts research into students as partners and change agents. She discusses key consideration for working with SATs, specifically:

  • Power relations and hierarchy;
  • Emotions, attitudes and behavior;
  • Failure and room for failure.

Interactive workshops
During two rounds with interactive workshops, you can learn from showcases, experience the power of role-playing in training SATs and discover what emerges from the literature about the value of SATs. A description of the keynote and all workshops can be found here.

Tickets for the workshops are available at the start of the symposium.

So register and put it in your agenda!

When:             the 11th of April, 2024

What time:     9.30 am (walk-inn) to 4.30 pm (drinks)

Where:           Meerwold, Laan Corpus Den Hoorn 300, 9728 JT, Groningen,

All information about the program and workshops can be found here:

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