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UGCE explained

UGCE stands for the University of Groningen Centre of Entrepreneurship. It is lead by prof. dr. Aard Groen. It was created to use the solid base in the academic area of innovation and entrepreneurship to respond to a large demand of economic development in North-East Netherlands and the international networks connected to these areas. It is active on important themes such as valorizing university knowledge for energy, health, renewal of industry, and sustainability. It uses a.o. information-, sensor- and water technologies, as well as knowledge from social, behavioral, and language sciences.

The capabilities of UGCE are organized in three connected pillars of research, education and business support. For this purpose, within the body of UGCE we have developed three structurally separate, but intertwined units:

  • Applied Research Center
  • Entrepreneurship College
  • Business support

Applied research center

Our research, education and business development support activities are based on the "engaged scholarship" philosophy (Van de Ven, 2008), meaning a close connection between excellent research and teaching to real life problems. UGCE was deliberately organized within the university, to ensure a close connection between the practical support we offer for business development and research and education. The combination of research-based consultancy, academically sound business development support and teaching for regular students and executive programs is a strength of UGCE model.

We effectively conduct research on innovative entrepreneurship in start-ups, SME's and large firms, valorisation in regional ecosystems of support, and international business development relations.

Entrepreneurship College

Starting from the premise that every student should have some basic knowledge on entrepreneurship, UGCE caters entrepreneurship education for University of Groningen and beyond.

Bachelor level:

  • General Business Administration programme
  • Minor in Entrepreneurship (all schools)
  • Minor “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” (fac. of Economics and Business)

MSc level:

  • Small Business & Entrepreneurship programme
  • Technology based entrepreneurship (fac. of Natural sciences and Mathematics)

PhD level (GGS)

  • Graduate program Innovative Entrepreneurship (in development)
  • Entrepreneurship and Valorization for Medical Sciences

Executive level:

  • Trainings on innovative entrepreneurship & business development
  • Certificate programmes in Venturelab International North
  • Training for large companies on Corporate entrepreneurship

Extracurricular (all levels):

  • Evening course.

Business support

UGCE contributes to the valorization of the university knowledge by developing new methods of enhancing business competencies. Our knowledge supports business quality of existing companies and start-ups, and eventually contributes to the economic development of firms and regions. Our instruments for that include student consultancy projects, Venturelab, competencies for innovation instruments, and diverse forms of trainings. Two related projects are currently underway: VentureLab Student and VentureLab North.

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