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Odyssey hackathon research project

The UGCE joined forces with the department of HRM & OB of the faculty of Economics & Business to do research on entrepreneurial teams, and specifically why and how teamwork is related to the success of innovative and entrepreneurial projects.

The research context is “Odyssey”, the world’s biggest Blockchain & AI Hackathon, where a large number of entrepreneurial teams try to solve complex societal challenges, using Blockchain technology.

Research team

The Odyssey research team consists of the following members:

  • dr. Arjan Frederiks (UGCE)
  • prof. dr. Bernard Nijstad (HRM & OB)
  • drs. Frank Streefland (UGCE, project leader)
  • Karolina Karpe MA (HRM & OB)
  • prof. dr. Onne Janssen (HRM & OB)
  • dr. Silvia Fernandes Costa (UGCE)
  • dr. Thom de Vries (HRM & OB)

Data collection

Before the start of the Hackathon, and immediately after the Hackathon, the research team will invite all participants to fill out a short survey. During the Hackathon, the research team will:

  • Use wide-angle cameras on the main floor of the Hackathon venue to log the network of interactions the participants have within their own team and with other teams. This data will be anonymized and will only include movement patterns, so faces will be not recognizable, and conversations will not be recorded.
  • Log the use of the “repository rooms”, and take photographs of the teams' “Impact Canvasses”.
  • Analyze the teams' GitHub repository activity (only if a team decides to open this up during the Hackathon). The code itself will not be analyzed.

Privacy policy and data storage

All research data will be safely stored at servers of the UG, and only authorized researchers will have access to it. Furthermore, all personal data shared with the UG will be anonymized, so it will not be possible to trace back this data to individual Hackathon participants. More information regarding the privacy policy and data storage of the research project can be found here.  


If you have questions about the Odyssey research project, or want to contact the research team, please send an email to f.d.streefland

Odyssey hackathon research project
Odyssey hackathon research project
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