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Society/businessUGCEResearch CenterHTSF conference June 27-28, 2018

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Aard Groen
Aard Groen

Dear colleagues,

It is my privilege and pleasure, also on behalf of Peter van der Sijde, Gary Cook and this year conference director Olga Belousova to welcome you to the 26th HTSF conference on entrepreneurship research. This conference with its long history, started by Ray Oakey in Manchester in the 90s and soon partnered with Wim During in Twente, is this year in Groningen again.

The HTSF conference always focused on technology based entrepreneurship, common themes such as growth of tech based firms, support for technology based entrepreneurship, industrial policy, entrepreneurship education and university-industry interaction have always characterized the presentations on recent and ongoing research.

Following an engaged scholarship approach, we aim for excellent research with a clear meaning for practice. The University of Groningen Center of Entrepreneurship (UGCE) recently joined forces with UCG (University College Groningen) with a mission to develop amore interdisciplinary understanding of complex and uncertain developments in society: the grand challenges such as climate, health, food, and industrial development.

The high-tech entrepreneurship field is an especially good base to develop such understanding:

  • entrepreneurship research is multidiscipline based, allowing multiple lenses;
  • innovative entrepreneurs cause creative disruption of existing systems, which is part of the transition processes in the grand challenges;
  • in such processes entrepreneurs need to act under real uncertainty and in complex contexts, offering both, research possibilities for understanding these phenomena better, and opportunities to contribute to the toolbox of entrepreneurs and education of students who are interested in or working on the entrepreneurial change processes in these grand challenge context.

In this HTSF conferenced we highlight a few of such areas in the keynotes and panel discussions. One of them, the disruptive processes which may follow from the blockchain technology: How will a greater transparency and more safe distribution of information on the internet in distributed ledgers facilitate entrepreneurial opportunities, up to Schumpeterian creative disruption? The other theme is focusing on specific health context of rare diseases, where we have noted in some starting research that (social) entrepreneurship may play an important role, and also that the entrepreneurial processes in combination with new technology based innovation show very interesting exemplars of creative disruptive processes.

A third element this year is that we combine a meeting of the LISTO Erasmus + program with HTSF. The theme of the LISTO consortium of 7 Latin American and 3 European Universities is the development of the international interdisciplinary classroom for entrepreneurship education. It offers the participants of the HTSF a peek view on the things to come in this field.

As last point I like to thank UCG for welcoming us in the facilities of the liberal arts and science college. It is our first big collaboration in our new joined faculty, and it is a truly warm welcome to be able to do our conference in these facilities.

Wishing you all a very productive and nice conference.

Aard Groen

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