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Society/business UGCE Entrepreneurship college Extracurricular course on Entrepreneurship

Schedule 2020

Location: Van Swinderen Huys, Oude Boteringestraat 19.


(19:00 - 19:45)

(19:45 - 20:30)
Guest talks
(20:45 - 21:45)
S1 3/2 Introduction and Ideation

Course Setup and Execution:
Introduction to the Field of Entrepreneurship

Discovery and creation of entrepreneurial opportunities.
Ideation exercise and discussion.

Melcher Frankema, IVY Medical

Semme Moolenaar, serial entrepreneur

S2 10/2 Different Facets of Entrepreneurship

Commercial and Social Entrepreneurship

Value creation and business idea impact evaluation.

Boris Geheniau, Fundament all media

Arjen Boekhold, Game Changer at Tony Chocolonely

S3 17/2 Finding a Customer

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Defining and attracting a customer. Martijn Zwierstra, Brouwerij Martinus
S4 24/2 Value Proposition at the Core of Your Business
Entrepreneurial Marketing (continued) - Developing a Business Model

Entrepreneurial lego: How can you deliver the same value in different ways? Can you find multiple ways capturing it?

Gerrit Baarda, ZIUZ

S5 2/3 Financial Value of a Business
Financing Innovative Business Mini-case on reading financial data and evaluating a company.


S6 9/3 Building Relationships to Deliver Value

Networks of Stakeholders

Who are your most important partners and stakeholders?

Closing and certificates!

VentureLab Weekend 13-15 March

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