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Society/businessUGCEEntrepreneurship collegeExtracurricular course on Entrepreneurship

Schedule 2019

Location: Van Swinderen Huys, Oude Boteringestraat 19.


(19:00 - 19:45)

(19:45 - 20:30)
Guest talk
(20:45 - 21:30)
S1 4/2 Introduction & Ideation

Course set-up and execution
Intro to the field of entrepreneurship

Discovery and creation of entrepreneurial opportunities.
Ideation exercise and discussion.

Niels Weijermans - IVWear

Marro Mijnans - Envitron

Semme Moolenaar - Bandzoeker, CarbExplore a.o.

S2 11/2 Impact of entrepreneurship

Commercial, Social, Environmental and Sustainable entrepreneurship

Develop blended value and evaluate the impact of your business idea

Yang Soo Kloosterhof,

S3 18/2 Finding the customer
Entrepreneurial marketing1: segmenttion, targeting, positioning How to describe the customer in useful terms? Martijn Swierstra, Martinus Brouwerij
S4 25/2 Value proposition at the core of your business
Entrepreneurial marketing2: customer's jobs, pains, gains and how to get to them.

Customer interview: What are your customer's pains, gains and jobs? How can you deliver the same value in different ways? Can you find multiple ways of capturing it?

Gerrit Baarda,
ZiuZ Visual Intelligence

S5 4/3 Design thinking towards creating products


Design thinking

Bart Verkerke


Winand Slingenbergh - FabLab

How can you use lasercutting and 3d Printing for prototyping your product?

S6 11/3 Building relationships to deliver the value

Networks of stakeholders

Who are your most important partners and stakeholders?

Mike de Leeuw, Oncolyse

S7 18/3 Evaluating the value of the business
Financing innovative business Mini-case on reading financial data and evaluating a company

Closing and certificates!


VentureLab weekend

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