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Society/businessUGCEEntrepreneurship collegeExtracurricular course on Entrepreneurship

Schedule 2018

Location: Van Swinderen Huys, Oude Boteringestraat 19.


(19:00 - 19:45)

(19:45 - 20:30)
Guest talk
(20:45 - 21:30)
S1 5/2 Introduction & Ideation

Course set-up and execution
Intro to the field of entrepreneurship

Discovery and creation of entrepreneurial opportunities.
Ideation exercise and discussion.

Maximilian Heintzen, Niels Weijermans
& Melcher Frankema - IVWear

Harro Boven - MovitSport

Semme Moolenaar - Bandzoeker, CarbExplore a.o.

S2 12/2 Impact of entrepreneurship

Commercial, Social, Environmental and Sustainable entrepreneurship

Develop blended value and evaluate the impact of your business idea

Guest: Sanne Hodzelmans about her social business 8BlueFresh

Jellie Tiemersma - Personal Too

S3 19/2 Finding the customer
Entrepreneurial marketing1: segmenttion, targeting, positioning How to describe the customer in useful terms? Martinus Brouwerij
S4 26/2 Value proposition at the core of your business
Entrepreneurial marketing2: customer's jobs, pains, gains and how to get to them.

Customer interview: What are your customer's pains, gains and jobs? How can you deliver the same value in different ways? Can you find multiple ways of capturing it?

Boris Geheniau - Fundament All Media

Interactive communication applications

S5 5/3 Design thinking towards creating products


Design thinking

Bart Verkerke


Winand Slingenbergh - FabLab

How can you use lasercutting and 3d Printing for prototyping your product?

S6 12/3 Building relationships to deliver the value

Networks of stakeholders

Who are your most important partners and stakeholders?

Gerrit Baarda - ZiuZ  

Visual Intelligence

S7 19/3 Evaluating the value of the business
Financing innovative business Mini-case on reading financial data and evaluating a company

Closing and certificates!


VentureLab weekend

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