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Research Zernike (ZIAM) News Colloquia


Past Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials (and MSC)  Colloquia

Zernike Colloquium - Aires Ferreira27 January 2021
Zernike Colloquium - Bart Jan Ravoo27 January 2021
Zernike Colloquium - Martin Ziegler - Memristive systems for the emulation of biological learning27 January 2021
Zernike Colloquium - Bruno Ehrler24 September 2020
Zernike Colloquium: Christos Panagopoulos09 April 2019
Zernike Colloquium: Eva Herzig09 April 2019
Zernike Colloquium: Angel Rubio - New states of matter from a novel first principles quantum electrodynamics density functional formalism (QEDFT)22 December 2018
Zernike Colloquium: Ludwig Leibler- From glass to vitrimers: a story of exchangeable links22 December 2018
Zernike Colloquium: Metin Sitti - Small-Scale Soft Robotics21 September 2018
Zernike Colloquium: Rudi Podgornik - Charges, charge regulations and charge fluctuations21 September 2018
Zernike Colloquium: Meet our new faculty members21 September 2018
Application deadline - Vacancy Assistant/Associate Professor Polymer Science09 November 2017
Zernike Colloquium - Julia A. Kornfield08 August 2017
Zernike Colloquium - Lorenz Cederbaum08 August 2017
Zernike Colloquium - Katharina Al-Shamery08 August 2017
Zernike Colloquium - George Malliaras08 August 2017
Zernike Colloquium - Martin Zanni08 August 2017
Zernike Colloquium - Sergei V. Kalinin08 August 2017
Zernike Colloquium - David Cahen08 August 2017
Zernike Colloquium - Ivan K. Schuller08 August 2017
Zernike Colloquium - Christian Pfleiderer : Condensed Matter Particle Physics of Chiral Magnets20 April 2016
Zernike Colloquium - Luis M. Liz-Marzán : Composite Plasmonic Nanomaterials for Biosensing and Bioimaging20 April 2016
Zernike Colloquium - Heiner Linke : Parallel computation with molecular motors20 April 2016
Zernike Colloquium - Cherie R. Kagan : Designing Materials from Nanocrystal Building Blocks20 April 2016
Zernike Colloquium - Joachim P. Spatz : Collectivity and decision making in living and synthetic cell materials20 April 2016
Zernike Colloquium - David DiVincenzo : The crucial materials for quantum computers20 April 2016
Zernike Colloquium - Philip Hofmann : Electronic structure and electron dynamics in two-dimensional materials20 April 2016
Zernike Colloquium - Hidenori Takagi : Interplay of spin-orbit coupling and electron correlations in complex 5d oxides20 April 2016
Zernike Colloquia - Archive18 February 2016
Zernike Colloquium - Ari T. Friberg : Electromagnetic coherence in nanophotonics09 January 2016
Bert Meijer: The 2015 Zernike Chair Colloquium - Functional Supramolecular Materials and Systems13 October 2015
Physics Colloquium: Giuseppe Portale - Structure and dynamics of polymeric systems in thin films observed by GISAXS21 September 2015
Zernike Chair Masterclass - Supramolecular Materials and Systems05 August 2015
Zernike Chair Masterclass - Supramolecular Materials and Systems05 August 2015
Zernike Chair Masterclass - Supramolecular Materials and Systems05 August 2015
Zernike Chair Masterclass - Supramolecular Materials and Systems05 August 2015
Zernike Chair Masterclass - Supramolecular Materials and Systems05 August 2015
Nanosymposium 2015 – Shaping the Future at the Nanoscale08 June 2015
Zernike Colloquium - Paul Chu : A Possible New Paradigm to Higher Temperature Superconductors23 May 2015
Zernike Colloquium - Mitsuhiko Shionoya : Metal-based Supramolecular Design directed toward Functional Array, Space, and Motion23 May 2015
Zernike Colloquium - Martha Greenblatt : Designing Polar and Magnetic Oxides in the A2BB'O6-Type Corundum Derivatives23 May 2015
Zernike Colloquium - Ute Kaiser : Electron optics ― the gate to the nano-cosmos23 May 2015
Zernike Colloquium - Phillip B Messersmith : Functional Polyphenolic Materials Inspired by Mussels, Tea, Wine, and Chocolate23 May 2015
Zernike Colloquium - Eva Andrei : Graphene: a physicist's view of the “wonder material”23 May 2015
Zernike Colloquium - Paul Chaikin : Some small steps toward Artificial Life23 May 2015
Zernike Colloquium - Stephen Mann : Towards synthetic cellularity via protocell design and construction23 May 2015
Physics Colloquium: Prof. dr. Jörg Enderlein21 January 2015
Course on Scientific Integrity for Zernike PhD students06 January 2015
Caroline Ross : Templated self-assembly of Block Copolymers and Multiferroic Oxide Nanocomposites30 August 2014
Vahid Sandoghdar : On phase and interfernce: ultrasensitive detection of single biomolecules and quantum30 August 2014
Henry Chapman : Protein structure and dynamics using X-ray free-electron laser pulses30 August 2014
Stephan Förster : Polymer Quasicrystals and Archimedian Tilings30 August 2014
Gabriel Aeppli : The next life of silicon30 August 2014
Nai Phuan Ong : Transport experiments on Dirac semimetals30 August 2014
Jeroen van den Brink : Spin-orbital separation in the quasi-one-dimensional Mott insulator Sr2CuO330 August 2014
Roderick Lim : Nanobiophysics and the nuclear pore complex30 August 2014
George Sawatzky : The explicit role of O 2p states in high oxidation state transition metal Oxides30 August 2014
Shimon Weiss: Inorganic voltage nanosensors10 March 2014
Joanna Aizenberg : Hydrogel-actuated integrated responsive systems (hairs): moving towards adaptive materials10 March 2014
Prof. Nicola Pinna: Non-aqueous sol-gel routes to hybrid materials07 February 2014
Prof.dr. Zhong Lin Wang: Nanogenerators as new energy technology and piezotronics for functional systems28 January 2014
Noel Clark: Hierarchical Self Assembly in Liquid Crystals: From Renewable Energy to the Origin of Life06 January 2014
Nathalie Guihéry: Theoretical study of magnetic anisotropy in mono- and bi-nuclear complexes22 November 2013
Zernike Colloquium: Ulrich Wiesner, Cornell University, about Cornell dots16 October 2013
Dr. Franz J. Giessibl - Zernike Colloquium01 July 2013
Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials Colloquium William M. Shih18 February 2013
Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials Colloquium Albert Fert (reschudeled)18 February 2013
Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials Colloquium Joel Moore18 February 2013
Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials Colloquium David Beljonne30 January 2013
Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials Colloquia28 November 2011
Colloquia24 October 2012