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Research Stratingh

All staff and contact

Director Stratingh Office

Secretary Stratingh Institute - H H Biemold
Scientific Coordinator - Dr. G P R Schaeffer
Business Manager - A A A Navest
Research groups

Prof. dr. Ronald Hage
Prof. dr. Ronald Hage
(Honorary professor)
Prof. dr Ryan Chiechi
Prof. dr. Ryan Chiechi - Chemistry of Molecular Materials and Devices
Dr. Katalin Barta
Prof. dr. Katalin Barta - The Barta Group
(Now at the University of Graz)
Prof. dr Sijbren Otto
Prof. dr. Sijbren Otto - Systems Chemistry
Dr. Martin Witte
Prof. dr. Martin Witte - The Witte Group
Prof. dr Syuzi Harutyunyan
Prof. dr. Syuzi Harutyunyan - Auto-catalytic and cross-catalytic systems
Prof. dr Wesley Browne
Prof. dr. Wesley Browne - The Browne Group
Prof. dr Kees Hummelen
Prof. dr. Kees Hummelen - (Bio)Organic Materials and Devices
Prof. dr Gerard Roelfes
Prof. dr. Gerard Roelfes - Biomolecular Chemistry
Prof. dr Ben Feringa
Prof. dr. Ben Feringa - The Feringa Group
Prof. dr Adri Minnaard
Prof. dr. Adri Minnaard - The Minnaard Group
Dr. Edwin Otten
Prof. dr. Edwin Otten - The Otten Group
Dr. Marthe Walvoort
Dr. Marthe Walvoort - The Walvoort Group
Dr. Remco Havenith
Dr. Remco Havenith - The Havenith Group
Dr. Johannes Klein
Dr. Johannes Klein - The Klein Group
Prof. dr. Tibor Kudernac
Prof. dr. Tibor Kudernac - The Kudernac Group
Prof. dr. Nathalie Katsonis
Prof. dr. Nathalie Katsonis - The Katsonis Group
Dr. Clemens Mayer
Dr. Clemens Mayer - The Mayer Group

P.A. to Prof. Feringa - J H Kalter
Secretary Molecular Electronics - R A Hekkema-Nieborg
Secretary Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Systems Chemistry and Biomolecular Chemistry & Catalysis - A A M Witter-Waalkens
Secretary Feringa group - A.H. Bugel
Secretary Molecular Inorganic, Chemical Biology and Stratingh Office - H H Biemold
Technical staff

NMR - P van der Meulen, ing
Research Technician Linnaeusborg - P Nauw
Research Technician Nijenborgh 4 - J Y de Boer
Research Technician Chromatogaphy- M J Smith, ing
- naam
Research Technician - O K B Staal, ing
Research Technician Analysis - J van der Velde, ing
Research Technician Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry - J L Sneep, ing
Research Technician - A S Boonstra
NMR - Dr. J. Kemmink
Research Technician Mass Spectrometry & Chromatography / Coordinator Analytical Unit - J. Hekelaar, ing

Visiting addres

University of Groningen
Stratingh Institute for Chemistry

  • Nijenborgh 4 ( Building X )
    9747 AG Groningen
    The Netherlands  


  • Linnaeusborg
    Nijenborgh 7 ( Building U )
    9747 AG Groningen
    The Netherlands  
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