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Economische en sociale geschiedenis

The ESH group conducts research on a large number of sub themes. For example, attention is paid to global history, environmental history, urban and rural history, demographic history, anthropometric history, the history of nutrition and health, etc.

In the coming years the group aims to further strengthen its profile towards the global history of population and health, gender and social inequalities, and sustainability focusing on the role of spatial, social, and cultural contexts.

The group’s themes are closely related to the University of Groningen’s central focus areas "Sustainability" and "Healthy Ageing" and build on the substantive and geographical expertise (on the Netherlands, Europe, Latin America, Asia and sub-Saharan Africa) that exists within the group.

  • Prof. dr. Hilde Bras focuses on global demography and health from a long-term historical perspective and its implications for sustainability, social values, and productivity.
  • Prof. dr. Maarten Duijvendak studies regional development and urban-rural relations.
  • Dr. Richard Paping is specialized in 18th and 19th century economic growth, social inequality and social mobility, migration, and long-term population change.
  • Dr. Vincent Tassenaar focuses on developments in health in the Netherlands during the long 19th century, in particular length and biological standard of living.
  • Dr. Daniel Franken examines changes in health (stature) in South-America during the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Prof. dr. Marijn Molema holds a Special Chair in ‘Regional Vitality & Dynamics’, focusing on the role of history in the shaping of broader welfare in the region.
  • Dr. Harm Zwarts studies agricultural and energy transitions in Europe and their effects on sustainability from a comparative historical perspective.
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