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Economic and Social History

In our teaching we aim to acquaint our students with the main societal developments since 1750, focusing on globalization; economic development; social inequalities; demographic transitions; processes of population growth and decline; developments in health and living standards; environmental history and sustainability; and gender history. 

We are dedicated to helping students master methods that are central to our field, such as data collection and management, statistical methods, learning history, and oral history. As social and economic historians we emphasize interdisciplinary and comparative research, using concepts, theories and methods from the social sciences. We stimulate students to collaborate on our projects or to do their own research in the field of socio-economic history.

We are involved in teaching both general and more specialized courses and tracks in economic and social history in the BA and R(MA) History programs, the MHIR Research Master, and modules in IRIO, Dutch Studies and the Honors programs. 

Besides supervising BA theses and MA theses and contributing lectures on social inequality, migration, the history of business and organizations, and statistical methods to the MA tracks “Un/Sustainability” and “Politics, Organizations, and Learning Histories”, specific economic and social history courses we provide include:

  • Globalization: Economic and Social History (Ba1)
  • Sources and Methods of Economic and Social History (Ba2)
  • Theme Economic and Social History (Ba2)
  • Research Module Health and Living Standards (Ba2)
  • Regions: Northern Netherlands (Ba3)
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