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Our field

Economic and Social History

Economic and social history (ESH) focuses on societal developments in the past. Our field covers in particular economic development, social processes and demographic development. In addition, attention is also paid to the influence of geographical and ecological factors on human activities. ESH has a theoretical and quantitative angle: we have borrowed much from economics, sociology, demography, and anthropology. Long-term developments and structures are an important perspective for ESH, but often these can be investigated in small clearly defined topics.

The chair group ESH is affiliated with the Dutch-Flemish national research school N.W. Posthumus, which includes all researchers working in the field. The research school is connected via the ESTER network to other European chair groups active in the field. Bilateral cooperation is also important. ESH also maintains close ties with the Rural and Environmental History Group of Wageningen University

The staff conducts research on a large number of sub-themes. For example, attention is paid to global history, environmental history, urban and rural history, demographic history, anthropometric history, history of nutrition and health, etc. We conduct research on these themes and our output is in our publications. The themes are also regularly discussed in our teaching. Students are encouraged to write their theses in these directions and to find positions on the labour market through internships. Staff members present their research at various international forums such as conferences organised by the Social Science History Association, European Society of Historical Demography, International Economic History Association and European Social Science History Conference and within the N.W. Posthumus Institute.

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