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Research GBB Biomolecular X-ray Crystallography Group

Our laboratories

Our ML-1 laboratories are spacious, have a fresh and bright ambiance, and are equipped with a wide range of well-maintained equipment for protein expression, purification, characterization and crystallization. Furthermore, an in-house X-ray source is available allowing for fast screening of protein crystals, or for collecting complete datasets in a matter of hours to determine high-resolution protein structures.

A selection of available equipment:
- 6L bioreactor
- Temperature-controlled shakers/incubators
- High-speed and ultra-centrifuges
- (RT)PCR system
-  Akta Micro and 2 BioRad systems for purification
- Various columns for chromatography
- PhastGel gel electrophoresis (SDS- and Native PAGE, IEF)
- Gel imager
- Bio-Rad iQ5 thermal shift analysis
- Double beam temperature controlled spectrophotometer
- NanoDrop spectrophotometer
- Spectrofluorometer
- 2 Mosquito nanoliter dispensers for crystallization experiments

- Dragonfly optimization robot
- RockImager for imaging of crystallization experiments
- Several polarizing stereo microscopes
- Cold room

General lab
General lab
General lab
General lab
X-ray generator with cryosystem and detectors
X-ray generator with cryosystem and detectors
General lab
General lab
Purification lab
Purification lab
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