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OPERA Fellows

Name Keywords
Bokhorst, Dr. Jos Dual resource constrained systems, Cellular manufacturing, Cross-training, Labor assignment, Simulation
Boscari, Stefania National culture, Organisational culture, Lean operations
Broek, Dr. Michiel uit het Maintenance planning, Condition-based production, Optimal control
Broekhuis, Dr. Manda Quality Management, Healthcare, Team learning, Collaboration in medical groups, Indicator development
Buijs, Paul Sustainable logistics, Physical internet, Transportation networks, Supply Chain collaboration, Discrete event simulation
Donk, Prof.dr. Dirk Pieter van Scheduling and planning, Procesindustry, Foodprocessing, Manufacturing structures, Logistical management
Fazi, Dr. Stefano
Foreest, Dr. Nicky van

Analysis and control of queueing and inventory systems, Production planning

Jonge, Dr. Bram de Onderhoudsplanning en -optimalisatie, Asset management, Openbaar vervoer
Kilic, Dr. Onur Inventory management, Production management, Scheduling
Land, Dr. Martin Production planning, Shop floor control, Workload control, Order release, Make-to-order production
Prak, Dr. Dennis Inventory Control
Pulles, Niels
Riezebos, Prof.dr. Jan Production planning, Production organisation, Cellular manufacturing, Shop floor control, Scheduling
Romeijnders, Dr. Ward Stochastic integer programming, Complex stochastic systems
Roodbergen, Prof.dr. Kees Jan Logistics, Distribution, Supply chain management, Optimization, Warehousing
Scholten, Dr. Kirstin Humanitarian supply chain management, Supply chain resilience, Purchasing, Knowledge management and learning
Schrotenboer, Dr. Albert
Operations research, Transportation and logistics, Renewable energy, Algorithm design, Large-scale optimization
Teunter, Prof.dr. Ruud Inventory control, Spare parts management, Intermittent demand forecasting, Reverse Logistics, Closed loop supply chain management
Tong, Dr. X. (Bruce) Operations Management; Supply Chain Management
Ursavas, Dr. Evrim

Design and optimization of transportation systems, Maritime logistics, Railway logistics, Renewable energy, Decision support systems

Vaart, Prof.dr. Taco van der

Supply chain management, Supply chain integration

Veldman, Dr. Jasper Strategic operations management, Technology management, Maintenance, Incentives
Vis, Prof.dr. Iris Design and optimization of container terminals, Vehicle routing, Supply chain management, Network design, Inventory management
Wortmann, Prof.dr. Hans Information systems, Implementations in organizations, Enterprise modeling, Model-driven architecture, Agent-based simulation, Standard software
Xiao, Dr. Chengyong Sustainable supply chains, Corporate social responsibility, Case study research, Survey research, Organization theories
Zee, Dr. Durk-Jouke van der Scheduling, Simulation, Application & methodology, Flexible manufacturing
Zhu, Dr. Stuart Logistics and service management, Production planning and inventory control, Marketing-operations interface
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