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In February, Ewan van der Vlist joined Julia’s group as a PhD student. Ewan completed a BSc in Biology (with Honours) and a MSc in Cancer, Stem Cells & Developmental Biology at Utrecht University. Ewan will study the dynamic oscillations of the core cell cycle oscillator in vitro and in the frog egg extract. Welcome Ewan!


In November, 2021, Julius Fülleborn joined the group as a PhD. Julius already did his second master's project of the biomolecar master here in the MSB group in which he identified metabolic dynamics during the cell cycle of mammalian cells. Now he continues as a PhD working on the temporal regulation of the different biosynthetic processes which gave rise to the overall metabolic oscillations during the cell cycle of yeast cells. Welcome Julius!


In September 2021, Dario Tomanin joined MSB. Dario received a BSc in Biotechnology from the University of Milan and a MSc in Molecular Biotechnology from the University of Turin. As a PhD student at MSB he will investigate the regulation of phosphatases during cell cycle progression together with Julia. Welcome Dario!


As of April 1, 2021, Edward Smith joined the group as a postdoc. Edward will work on the Gain4Crops EU project, where we aim to develop a combined stoichiometric/thermodynamic model for the plant Arabidopsis. Edward will remain stationed in Oxford and will do the computational work from there. Welcome Ed!


More new faces in January: Magnolia Martinez joined the group as of January 1, 2021. Magnolia received a Bachelor in Medicine from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a Master of Neuropharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics from the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City. Together with Julia, Magnolia is going to explore the regulation of PP2A-B55 in frog and human and its role in cancer development. Welcome Magnolia!


As of January 1, 2021, Enrico Calzati joined the group as a PhD student. After a number of years in industry, Enrico wanted to go back to the adventure of science. He will join us in our efforts towards understanding what metabolism is doing during the cell cycle and how it might control it. Welcome Enrico!

As of 1st October, Andre Zylstra joins our group. Andre has graduated as a PhD at the University of Cambridge, 2019. Where he also received his MSci - Systems Biology, University of Cambridge, 2015 and his BA - Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge, 2015. We are happy he is part of our team! 2020
We are happy to announce the start of Aleksandr Pogodaev as a Postdoc in our group. Aleksandr has done his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the Radboud University, 2021 and his Masters in Chemistry, Saint-Petersburg State University, 2015. Welcome in our group! 2020
As of the 1st September 2020 Julia Kamenz will join our team as an Assistant Professor. We are very happy she is going to join our team and congratulate her on her new position. 2020
On 29th June 2020, Vakil Takhaveev held his defense of his thesis: "Dissecting the temporal dynamics of eukaryotic metabolism in single cells" and graduated. Congratulations Vakil! 2020
We congratulate Luc-Alban with the birth of his beautiful baby! Congratulations Luc. 2020
We are extremely proud to announce that The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded Matthias a Vici grant worth € 1.5 million! Congratulations Matthias! For the full article please visit:

Last week, Haoqi and Yichen got married! Congratulations! We wish you all possible happiness. 2019-11-14
We are welcoming Jose Losa as a new PhD member in our group. Welcome Jose! 2019-11-01
Douwe Grundel has joined our group for his PhD. Welcome Douwe! 2019-10-01
We are happy to announce Andriana Koutsoumpa as a new PhD member in our group. Welcome! 2019-03-01
We are proud to announce that Tom Kimes has successfully finished his PhD and thesis: "Surface sensing in Escherichia coli" Congratulations Tom! 2019 March
We welcome Daniele Novarina as a Postdoc into our group. Welcome! 2019-01-01
Vakil won the first prize in the 3 Minute Thesis competition held at the University of Groningen for the first time. Congratulations. 2018 April
We congratulate Zheng Zhang on successfully graduating on his thesis "Single-cell manipulation and dynamic metabolite detection in Escherichia coli" Well done, Zheng! 2018 March
Haoqi Chen won the "Young Investigator Award" for the System Biochemistry session! Congrats, Haoqi! 2018 March
We are proud to announce that our former colleague Alvaro Ortega Moreno has accepted a function as a Assistant Professor in a Cell Biology Department in the Complutense University of Madrid. Congrats, Alvaro! 2017-11-03
We congratulate Athanasios (Thanasis) Litsios on his graduation with his thesis: "Metabolic-rate dependent cell cycle entry and progression in Scaccharomyces cerevisiae". 2017-10-16
We are proud to announce that Jakub Radzikowski, or better known as Kuba, has finished successfully his Phd and thesis: Systems Biology of Bacterial Persistence, a metabolism - driven strategy for survival. Congratulations!! 2017-06-26

We congratulate Alex Papagiannakis on his "cum laude" graduation with his thesis "Intrinsic, periodic and tunable metabolic dynamics: a scaffold for cellular coherence.” To celebrate this event Alex chose an original location: a BBQ in a garden.

Paolo Guerra has started his PdD within our group, welcome! 2017-02-16
We are welcoming Ying Liu as our latest addition to our group of PhD students. Happy to haveyou with us, Ying! 2017-01-16
Francisca Monteiro has joined our group in a Postdoc position. Welcome Francisca. 2016-11-16
We are happy to announce that this fall Andreas Milias-Argentis has joined our group as a new assistant professor. Congratulations Andreas! 2016-11-01
Celebrating Vakil's birthday, his team members were the ones who got the real present.... a magnificent cake.
Kuba won the 3rd price for the best talk and Vakil the price for the best poster at the annual GBB symposium. Congratulations! 2016-09-01
Haoqi Chen joined the lab as a PhD student. Welcome! 2016-09-01
Our former PhD student Robson de Assis Souza just got an offer as assistant professor at the Federal University of Viçosa in Brasil. Congratulation Robson! 2016-06-23
As of 15th May we have welcomed Hannah Schramke, who will join our group in a Postdoc position.


We are glad to report that as of 1st May 2016 Johan Hekelaar joined the group to get the proteomics platform for the institute running. 2016-06-01
We are happy to welcome our new team member Joana Saldida, who is starting her PhD wihin our SymBioSys ITN project. 2016-01-21

Janeska de Jonge has been awarded the Holland Scholarship, a scholarship that supports talented students who have been chosen as an excellent ambassador for the University of Groningen. The ceremony took place on 27th August 2015 at the Senate Chamber of the Academy building and was presided over by the President of the University prof. Dr. S. Poppema. Congratulations Janeska!

Our paper, in which we quantified the complete E. coli proteome under 23 conditions, got accepted in NatureBiotech. Send Matthias an email if you want to get the data prior to the publication of the paper. 2015-09-11
Daphne Huberts defended her thesis today, successfully. Congratulations Dr. Huberts. 2015-09-04
Kuba has won the first poster price at the GBB symposium. Well done, Kuba and congratulations. 2015-09-03
We are happy to welcome our new team member Serdar Özsezen, who is starting his PhD within our MetaRNA project. 2015-09-01
We are happy to welcome our new team member Vakil Takhaveev, who is starting his PhD within our MetaRNA project. 2015-08-12
Bastian Niebel has accepted a great job offer at InSilico Biotechnology in Germany. Congratulations, Bastian. 2015-07-01

Bastian Niebel successfully defended his thesis and may now call himself Dr. Niebel. Congratulations!

For the MSB-group, Christmas 2014 began with a meeting that was attended by suspiciously many Santa Clauses, and ended with the appropriate closing of the year; the Christmas borrel and gifts.

In December we had another labcleaning day. Starting with a breakfast meeting in the morning and followed with the cleaning, which was thorough but also fun.

MSB members were successful at the last GBB symposium. Alex got the price for the 2nd best talk and Kuba got the one for the 2nd best poster! Congrats! 2014-09-12
RUG onderzoekers trekken levensduurverlengend effect van calorierestrictie in twijfel 2014-08-07
In July we had a cleaning day 2014-07-11
Silke got married... see the evidence.. 2014-06-27
Daphne' CR paper got accepted in PNAS...Let's see what the community will think about this 2014-06-19
MSB participants photographed during the "Rondje Lab" 2014-06-19
After painful years with this story, our article on bistability in E. coli got accepted in Molecular Systems Biology 2014-04-23
MSB Group participates in Rondje Lab 2013 2013-10-17
Gesa Behrends and Simeon Leupold have started as PhD students 2013-10-01
Alvaro Ortega Moreno has started as a postdoc 2013-10-01
Zheng Zhang joined the group as PhD student 2013-09-15

During an EU project meeting in Prague, Matthias dragged Alex to his first opera

Yang Li will join the group with a VENI grant 2013-07-20
Matthias got promoted fo full professor 2013-07-01
Anne got a prestigious Rubicon grant for his next post 2013-06-27

Our recent PNAS paper was highlighted as a Nature ‘Research Highlight’ 2013-05-30
Our grant application (EU Synthetic Biology) was ranked at place #1 from all submitted proposals (>130)!


Our Nature Protocols articles got published as a featured article           2013-05-02
Georg Hubmann started in the group as a Postdoc 2013-04-16
Silke Vedelaar started in the group as a technician 2013-04-01
Athanasios Litsios started in the group as a PhD student 2013-03-16
Our Nature Protocols article on the aging chip got accepted 2013-03-11
Matthias in the Volkskrant 2013-03-05
Brenda Bley Folly and Bas Stringer started in the group as PhD students     2013-03-01
Guille’s manuscript on the yeast diauxic shift is accepted for Molecular Systems Biology          


Our manuscript on “ Functioning of a metabolic flux sensor in Escherichia coli” got accepted into PNAS 2012-12-05
Jakub Radzikowski joined the group as a PhD student 2012-11-01
Alex Papagiannakis joined the group as a PhD student  


Anne Meinema awarded the H.G.K. Westenbrinkprijs 2012 for his thesis on transport of integral membrane proteins across the nuclear pore complex
A 'News & Views' about our PNAS paper appeared in Nature 2012-06-07
A 'Perspective' article on our Science paper 2012-06-01
Matthias received a prestigious VIDI grant (800'000 EUR) from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) 2012-05-24
Our Science article in the "popular press" (RUG webpage, 2012-05
A Nature Method 'research highlight' on our PNAS paper 2012-04-27
Our PNAS article in the front page blog of the Saccharomyces Genome Database 2012-04-04
F1000 evaluation for our PNAS paper 2012-04-02
Our microfluidic aging chip story is accepted into PNAS 2012-02-18
Together with Bas Teusink from the VU, we received a grant from the Netherlands Consortium for Systems Biology 2012-02-07
Anne Meinema joined the group as a postdoc to work on our yeast aging activities! 2012-01-01
Lab BBQ at Matthias' place 2011-06-24
Matthias on TV! (OOG TV) 2011-06-23
Matthias received the DuPont Young Professor award, 75,000$! 2011-06-22
EU ITN proposal ISOLATE ("Developing single cell technologies for systems biology")
was granted; we will get two more PhD student positions through this project
1st lab retreat at Schiermonnikoog 2011-04-18/20
Benj successfully defended his PhD thesis and is now Dr. Volkmer 2011-02-03
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