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Veni grants for two Kapteyners

05 November 2020

Six researchers of the Faculty of Science and Engineering have been awarded a Veni grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). A grant has been awarded to Dr. Allen, Dr. Drienovská, Dr. Laetz, Dr. Tromer, Dr. Barry and Dr. Christoff. With the Veni grant, which has a maximum value of EUR 250,000, they can further develop their own research ideas over a three-year period. Two of the six researchers are from the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute.

Dr. Veronica Allen: Following the molecules of life around young stars

Scientists are unsure how life began on Earth, but molecules from space may have helped. In this project, astronomers will use radio telescopes to find molecules of life around young stars and understand how they could have ended up in comets that may have brought them to early Earth.

Dr. Nichole Barry: Measuring the glow from our cosmic dawn

The birth of the first galaxies during Cosmic Dawn is a mystery. Astronomers could theoretically observe the faint glow of interstellar hydrogen, but small precision errors in analysis prevent detection. By incorporating information from American, Australian, and Dutch software, astronomers may be able to glimpse the Epoch of Reionization.

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