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Kapteyn foundation

The foundation "Stichting Sterrenkundig Studiefonds J.C. Kapteyn" (Astronomical study foundation J.C. Kapteyn) was established in 1925 in honour of Prof. Dr. J.C. Kapteyn who was a professor in astronomy at the University of Groningen from 1878 till 1921.

The goal of the Foundation is to support astronomical work and studies. The foundation tries to accomplish this goal by granting subsidies to students in astronomy for studying at a Dutch or foreign university or other scientific institution, for visiting conventions, and for supporting them in other scientific investigations that have connections with astronomy.

The Foundation's own capital provides the means for financial support to astronomy students. Requests for support can be submitted any time following the procedure outlined below.


Persons who would like to request a grant from the foundation, can download a request form (Dutch):



The form should be completely filled in and sent to:

Drs. G.F. Meijering-Swint (Christa)
Executive Secretary J.C. Kapteyn Foundation
Kapteyn Instituut
P.O. Box 800
email: meijering

The form should be supported and signed by the lecturer. The Board of the Foundation will decide whether the request will be granted on receipt of the completed form. This process will take approximately three weeks (see below). The maximum grant is € 200,-.


The board is unpaid and has the following composition:

  • Prof. E. Tolstoy (RUG, chairman)
  • Dr. J.M. van Rooij (RUG, secretary/treasurer)
  • Prof. M. Kriek (UL)
  • Prof. S.B. Markoff (UVA)
  • Prof. J. Hörandel (RU)
  • Drs. G.F. Meijering-Swint (RUG, executive secretary)

If the request is granted, the applicant should send the following documents to Drs. G.F. Meijering-Swint within three months after finishing the trip: a report of the journey, a survey of the costs and a IBAN account to which the grant can be transferred.

Foundation goals

The goals and policies of the foundation Sterrenkundig Studiefonds Kapteyn are briefly described in the following document (Dutch). 

Overview activities and finances

A short summary of all activities (number of subsidies granted) and a financial overview of the Foundation's assets, is available via this link (Dutch).

Criteria for granting a subsidy - Kapteyn foundation

  • Subsidies are granted to students for studying at Dutch or foreign Universities or equivalent astronomical institute, for visits to meetings (if relevant for the subject of study/research). (Art. 2. stat.)
  • Maximum grant for students: € 200,-.
  • Subsidy will be granted only once a year per person.
  • A report and specification of the costs should be handed in within three months after finishing the trip.
  • Applications will not be granted for trips that have already taken place.

Sterrenkundige Studiefonds Kapteyn: RSIN 821619603

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