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Research Kapteyn Institute DOTliveplanetarium

DOTliveplanetarium: "Exploring Exoplanets" (EN)

When:Tu 10-03-2020 20:00 - 21:00
Where:DOT, Vrydemalaan 2, 9713 WS Groningen
Does life exist elsewhere on other distant planets? Our Sun is just one of 100 billion stars in our Galaxy. We now know that planetary systems are abundant among them, and the characteristics of these systems keep surprising us. These extrasolar worlds, also known as exoplanets, are incredibly distant and thus hard to detect. Yet astronomers have been able to do so, using the largest telescopes man can make. In this show, astronomers from Groningen’s own Kapteyn Astronomical Institute will tell you all about how to study exoplanets and visualize some of the most extreme examples.

The planetariumshow is from 20:00 - 21:00 at DOT, Vrydemalaan 2, Groningen. Please be present at 19:45 to enter the dome. Tickets cost € 6.00 per person. This show will be in *English*.
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