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Research Kapteyn Institute DOTliveplanetarium

DOTliveplanetarium: "Jupiter & Juno" (EN)

When:Tu 29-10-2019 20:00 - 21:00
Where:DOT, Vrydemalaan 2, 9713 WS Groningen

With our 20-meter live planetarium, we will take you to our Solar System's largest planet: Jupiter. First, we will show the stars and planets visible in the sky that evening. Then, we will leave the Earth to visit space probe Juno, the second spacecraft in NASA's New Frontiers program. Juno has been in orbit around Jupiter since July 2016 and is expected to stay there until July 2021. We will give you an update on the interesting latest results from the space mission and show the beautiful images that Juno has made of the giant planet so far.

The planetarium show is from 20:00 - 21:00 at DOT, Vrydemalaan 2, Groningen. Please be present at 19:45 to enter the dome. Tickets cost €6,00 per person. This show will be in English.

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