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ASA Distinguished Service Award for Michel Doortmont
Geplaatst op:29 oktober 2019

Dr Michel R. Doortmont has been awarded the 2019 ASA Service Award by the American African Studies Association (ASA). He receives the award together with his colleagues Pro f. Dmitri van den Bersselaar (University of Leipzig), Prof. John Hanson (Indiana University) and Dr Jan Jansen (Leiden Universiteit) in their role as editors of the scientific journal History in Africa: A Journal of Debates, Methods, and Source Analysis, "for their outstanding dedication to the ASA’s mission of encouraging the production and dissemination of knowledge about Africa, past and present."

Petra Broomans to be appointed Honorary Doctor at Uppsala University
Geplaatst op:23 oktober 2019

The Faculty of Arts at Uppsala University will appoint Petra Broomans, Associate Professor of European Languages and Cultures (Scandinavian Studies) with ius promovendi at the University of Groningen and Visiting Professor at the Ghent University, as doctor honoris causa.

Honorary doctor, or doctor honoris causa, is a title awarded to those who have made an outstanding scientific contribution or otherwise promoted research at the university. The conferment ceremony will be held at Uppsala University on 31 january 2020.

Marcel Broersma Interim Director of ICOG
Geplaatst op:09 oktober 2019

From 1 October 2019 to 1 March 2020, Prof. Dr. Marcel Broersma will be interim director of ICOG. He is taking over from Prof. Dr. Raingard Esser, who took up the post of GSH director in July of this year. Broersma will also remain director of the Centre for Media and Journalism Studies.

NWO awards Smart Culture grants to Ann-Sophie Lehmann and Tamara Witschge
Geplaatst op:18 september 2019

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded Smart Culture grants to Ann-Sophie Lehmann's project Curious Hands, and Tamara Witschge's Another thing you can do with documentaries.

New ICOG carbon saving policy
Geplaatst op:18 september 2019

ICOG wants to contribute to the climate goals of the university by reducing travel for conferences and seminars. To incentivize the use of video-conferencing technologies for these events, ICOG therefore will offer a small honorary fee to guest-speakers who conduct their lectures via video connection.

ICOG welcomes four new PhD candidates
Geplaatst op:04 september 2019

ICOG welcomes four new employee-PhD candidates in September 2019. They are Anna de Bruyn, Anna-Rosja Haveman, Magdalena König, and Kim Smeenk.

Spanish Ministry of Science awards research grant to Pablo Valdivia Martin and Alberto Godioli
Geplaatst op:04 september 2019

The Spanish Ministry of Science has awarded EUR 45.980, as well as a fully funded double PhD position to the project "Analogy, Equivalence, Polivalence and Transferability as Rhetoric-Cultural and Interdiscursive Principles in Language Arts: Literature, Rhetoric, Discourse".

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