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Call for Papers: Can we learn from robots about love?

12 January 2017

Can we learn from robots about love?

A collection of academic, activist and artistic essays will be published in a full-colour book in September 2018 in conjunction with the ROBOT LOVE art manifestation exhibited on different platforms in Eindhoven during 2018/2019. The project will be developed in close collaboration with Dutch Design Foundation, Baltan Laboratories, STRP Biennial and the Technological Universities of Twente, Delft and Eindhoven.

Concept: Ine Gevers/ Niet Normaal Foundation.
Editorial Board: Ine Gevers, Iris van der Tuin, Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Luis Lobo-Guerrero, Robin Celikates, Martijntje Smits. Editorial assistance: Wisse Ruyter, Dennis Kerckhoffs.

Practicalities: We would like to invite you to submit a proposal of 350 words. If accepted, we will contact you to make agreements for submitting a paper of around 3500 words. Please note: we aim for a diverse and educated audience of not only academics but also artists, activists, coders, hackers, designers, science fiction writers and all those with an interest and critical embracing of AI.

Deadlines  The deadline to submit your abstract of 350 words is March 1, 2017  The deadline to submit your paper of 3500 words is June 1, 2017  Final selection by the editorial board is July 1, 2017  Deadline finished papers November 1, 2017  Final deadline for edited and corrected submissions April 1, 2018  Ready for print: July 2018  For questions please email Wisse Ruyter:

Details in the PDF

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