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ICOG welcomes new guests

16 oktober 2017

In addition to the two ICOG visiting research fellows for the autumn semester, ICOG is honoured to welcome two other guests: Moreno Osório (Unisinos University, Brazil) and Sandra Kayereka (University of Cape Town, South Africa).

Moreno Osório

Moreno Osório is PhD student at Unisinos University, Journalism lecturer and co-founder of Farol Jornalismo , a newsletter specialized in analysis of journalistic field in Brazil. He is visiting the Department of Media Studies and Journalism during August - November 2017 as part of his doctoral research about breaking news journalistic coverages. While in Groningen, he is works under prof. Dr. Tamara Witschge supervision aiming to improve his understanding about the idea of beyond Journalism and the profession's contemporary transformations.

Sandra Kayereka

Sandra Kayereka is a Coimbra Young African Research Fellow for the month of October. The aim of her visit is to develop a PhD proposal for the University of Cape Town. Her thesis will focus on human trafficking in Africa, with a case study on Zimbabwe. It will seek to analyse the conditions under which non-state actors engage in and influence counter-trafficking governance. In addition, the thesis will seek to unpack which actors occupy the counter trafficking space and understand how they are using governance arrangements to achieve their objectives.

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