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New membership call Young Academy Groningen

15 November 2017

The Young Academy Groningen is a club for the University's most talented, enthusiastic and ambitious young researchers. Operating as an independent organisation within the University the Young Academy aims to:

  • Stimulate dialogue and collaboration between young researchers to actively promote interdisciplinary research.
  • contribute viewpoints on science policy and talent development and advise the University on these and related topics  
  • organise inspiring activities for the public to boost the relationship between science and society.

The call for new members to join the Young Academy Groningen for 2018/2019 is open on 15 November.  Deadline for applications is 14 December at 23:59.

If you are a postdoc, a tenure track or non-tenure track academic staff member, and have obtained your PhD within the last ~10 years, you are invited to apply. Each year we select up to seven new members to join the Young Academy Groningen. Please see our website for more information on eligibility and how to apply .

Do you have questions about applying to the Young Academy Groningen?

On Friday 17 November between 10:00 - 11:30, current members will be available to answer any questions you may have about applying to the Young Academy Groningen. Please join us in the Bruins Room in the Academy Building if you would like to come speak with us.

Staying connected with the Young Academy Groningen and activities for Early Career Researchers

The Young Academy Groningen aims to be a voice for all Early Career Researchers at the UG/UMCG. We host events aimed at young faculty members and postdocs, and we want you to be involved in issues regarding career development, policy, or outreach. To join our peer network and keep up to date on upcoming activities, please join our mailing list .

You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter (@YAGroningen)

We hope to connect with you soon, as an important member of the Early Career Researchers Community at the University Groningen or as a future Young Academy Groningen member!

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