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OB PhD Candidates

Name Research Project
Ahrens, Fabian The good, the bad, and the independent: investigating when and how independence of non-executive directors breeds objectivity towards strategic management decisions
Bucur, Roxana Informal hierarchies in human groups: the antecedents and consequences of hierarchical shape and hierarchical stability
Feenstra, Sanne When and how power corrupts: the role of the power and powerless in contributing to the corruption force of power
Gifford, Rachel Real and perceived effects of financial incentives in healthcare: an exploration of provider identity, motivation and behavior
Haan, Lotte de CEO leadership effectiveness: characteristics and leadership behavior of CEOs as determinants for management quility and organizational performance
Ivanovic, Nevena Adaptive boundary spanning: aligning inter-team collaboration with disruption characteristics
Karpe, Karolina Teamwork centralization and team performance in innovation task: moderating role of project stage and task innovativeness
Kosenkranius, Merly The effects of off-job crafting on employees' well-being and job performance among the aging workforce
Laurijssen, Maxim Better and affordable care requires better decisions: the link between incentives and physician decision-making
Oedzes, Jacoba The development of informal influence differentials in formally egalitarian groups: is hierarchy inescapable
Pit, Martin You, me, us? How does collective indentity shape cooperation in strategic alliances?
Prömpeler, Julia At the top but not in isolation: A social contaxt perspective on the role of board dynamics in board criticality towards top management
Qu, Rujie The effects of leadership on employee creative behaviours
Schiphorst, Wout Under pressure: how auditors remain independent in their interactions with clients
Shao, Yan Let's face the paradox: a paradoxical approach toward creativity
Stiegert, Peer Origins and consequences of stakeholders' psychological contracts: The role of organization type, stereotypes and strategic communication
Tolkamp, Gerben Clarifying the motivation-creativity relationship: focusing on the creative process
Waal, Melanie de Top management dilemma's: how accountability audience influences a focus on the collective interest
Wermser, Frederik Effects of identification with multiple subgroups versus superordinate categories on post-integration identification: a longitudinal research of identification processes during organizational integration
Wong, Edwina Evaluating single-target gender interventions: more tha "just" women
Wronska, Marta Psychological responses to tasks and employee creativity
Wu, Suqing Role differentiation and team creativity: a process-oriented view
Zhang, Deju Why do some auditors thrive while others struggle? A multiple team memberships perspective
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