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OB Fellows

Name Keywords
Bloom, Dr. Jessica de Recovery from job stress, Well-being, Ecological momentary assessments, Interventions
Brake, Joost van de Multiple team membership, team fluidity, temporal dynamics, social network
Janssen, Prof.dr. Onne Leadership, Work motivation, Employee creativity and innovation

Molleman, Prof.dr. Eric

Team based work systems: design, Development and performance, Self-organization, Human factors in production and service management, Workdesign
Mulder, Dr. Laetitia Morality, Sanctions, Norms, Ethics, Social dilemmas
Nijstad, Prof.dr. Bernard Decision making, Indecision, Creativity, Innovation, Teamwork
Rink, Prof.dr. Floor Diversity, Newcomers, Identity processes, Team innovation, Team performance
Ryan, Prof.dr. Michelle Diversity, Leadership, Gender discrimination, Glass cliff, Ambition
Stoker, Prof.dr. Janka Leadership, Organizational change, Self-managing teams, Competence development, Middle management
Täuber, Dr. Susanne Morality negotiations, Deviance and conformity in groups, Strategic outgroup helping, Social identity processes, Self- and social regulation
Vegt, Prof.dr. Gerben van der Knowledge sharing, (Multidisciplinary) Team effectiveness, Team member socialization, Interpersonal relationships, Team development
Vries, Dr. Thom de Collaboration within and between teams, Effective team functioning, Team-based organizations, Emergency management, Organizational and team resilience
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