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Research programmes

GRIP researchers participate in the following research programmes of GUIDE:

·   Biopharmaceuticals: Design, Discovery and Delivery (BDDD)
·   Medicinal Chemistry and Bioanalysis (MCB)
·   Groningen Research Institute for Asthma and COPD (GRIAC)
·   Real world studies in PharmacoEpidemiology, -Genetics, -Economics, &-Therapy (PEGET)

Biopharmaceuticals: Design, Discovery and Delivery
The BDDD program strives to bring together researchers who focus their activities on enabling technologies applied in pharmaceutical R&D. The program contributes to a better and more efficient development of new drugs and therapeutic concepts by exploring the various fundamental and applied aspects of drug research and development. The final aim of the program is to generate societal and economic value through the innovative drug concepts that are studied. It does so by developing improved drugs and technologies used in drug development, production, administration and safety assessment.

Program leaders
- Prof. Dr. G.J. Poelarends (GRIP)
- Prof. Dr. P. Olinga (GRIP)

Medicinal Chemistry and Bioanalysis
The MCB program plays a unique role within GUIDE as it links medicinal chemistry and bioanalysis to biomedicine and clinical practice. The MCB research lines fall generally into the category of early drug development, and as such rely on researchers who have strong backgrounds in synthetic and bioanalytical chemistry, as well as a unique pharmaceutical perspective. Three GRIP research units (Drug Design, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Analytical Biochemistry) form the core of the program.

MCB Mission: Drug development through medicinal and bioanalytical chemistry.

Program leaders
- Prof. dr. E.M.J. Verpoorte (GRIP)
- Prof. dr. A. Dömling (GRIP)

A MCB brochure describes the research of individual researchers in more detail.

Groningen Research Institute for Asthma and COPD
The main theme of the GRIAC is unravelling the underlying mechanisms of the development, progression and remission of airway obstruction, allergy and airway hyperresponsiveness, their mutual interactions, and their relevance to treatment. These phenomena are important risk factors for the development of asthma and COPD and crucial characteristics in their clinical pictures. Research within GRIAC takes place at the interface of fundamental and applied patient-related research.

Program leaders
-   Prof. dr. R. Gosens (GRIP)
-   Prof. dr. G.H. Koppelman (UMCG)

Real world studies in PharmacoEpidemiology, -Genetics, -Economics, &-Therapy
The PEGETprogram generally deals with drug treatment and other medical interventions in practice. Advanced epidemiological and health-economic methods are used with the specific aim to support decision making and optimal use of such medical interventions.

Program leaders
-   Prof. dr. E. Hak (GRIP)
-   Prof. dr. P. Denig (UMCG)

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