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Research Graduate School for the Humanities Research Current PhD research

Class of 2021

PhD candidates are affiliated to one of the following research institutes:

Centre for Language and Cognition

Project Title
Research Group
Atasoy, A. (Atilla)
Presentational and contrastive foci, discourse linking, and syntax
Brown, S. (Stuart)
Dialect formation in Brazil's Federal District
Perceiving and producing L2 prosody with a cochlear implant
Testing effectiveness of the Accelerative Integrative Method in VWO 4, 5 and 6
Graafsma, I.L. (Irene)
Differences and overlap in cognitive processes in programming and natural language learning: Evidence from neurotypical and autism-spectrum disorder populations
Een profielspecifieke Engelstalige academische leesvaardigheidsdidactiek
Onder woorden: onderzoek naar de ontwikkeling van schriftelijke formuleervaardigheid en onderwijs dat die ontwikkeling kan bevorderen
Knol, A.S.L. (Lisanne)
A conversation analytic study on different psychotherapeutic interventions for patients with Major Depressive Disorder
Medvedeva, M. (Masha)
Automatic detection of linguistic patterns in legal big data
Computational Linguistics
Mézière, D.C. (Diane)
Theory of mind and language abilities of bilingual children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Moffat, R.E. (Ryssa)
Emotional prosody processing in normal hearing and cochlear implant listeners
Ohlerth, A.K. (Annie)
Implementing verb tasks in navigated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation preoperative Language Mapping to improve map reliability compared to Direct Cortical Stimulation Mapping in low-grade glioma patients.
Peng, H. (Hongying)
A dynamic usage-based perspective on L2 lexical development
How students with dyslexia can optimize their studies in higher education
Santín, M.A. (Miguel)
Means vs Results. A cross-linguistic comparison of the role of language-specific structures in the cognitive representation of resultative events.
Scholten, L.I. (Iris)
Predictive processing in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Shoghi Javan, S. (Sara)
Steenbakkers, J.P.W.D. (Jeroen)
Bewuste taalvaardigheid in lessen schrijfstijl
Genredidactiek bij Nederlands: blijvend betere samenhang en bewuster geletterde leerlingen

Groningen Institute of Archaeology

Project Title
Research Group
A taste of historic cookery. A reconstruction of the daily meal as prepared by common burghers of Early Modern Dutch cities, AD 1500-1850
Rom, I.L. (Iris)
Mortuary practices and the expression of social relationships in west mainland Greece during the Middle Helladic period (2100-1700 BC)
Globalized localities: a multi-factorial dietary reconstruction in the Imperial Roman Province of Macedonia

The Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture

Project Title
Research Group
Bezemer, P.M. (Pauline)
Hybrid artefacts: the actors identified. Public native dwelling estates in Sub Sahara Africa, a forgotten aspect of 20th century urban architecture
Bootsma, K. (Kim)
The right to fight? A critical discourse analysis of the political and societal debates on women's military roles and their impact on policies regarding the integration of women in the Dutch armed forces (1971-2017)
Choi, M. (Misook)
Understanding adaptive efficiency in Uzbekistan: a case study on structural transformation from institutional approach
The politics of decadence: inquiry into European critiques of liberal modernity
Friis, K. (Karsten) - PhD ceremony 15 November 2018
Grotenhuis, E.M. (Liesbeth)
The Theban Sfinx in nineteenth-century painting
The psychologisation of security through resilience
Haaren, S. van (Suzette)
Encoded parchment and digital sustainability. How digital materiality affectsthe representation, reproduction and preservation of medieval manuscripts
Hoff, R.A. (Renske)
In readers' hands: early modern bibles from a users' perspective
The transmediality of ornament in the seventh-century Netherlands
From Submission to Soumission: Populists' perspectives on culture
Jong, N. de (Nic)
A problem confronting the builder of bridges: Currents of English riverine poetry from the Romantics to the present day
American Dreams: examining Steinbeck's popularity and the cultural, social and economic hardships in America
Ott, A. (Antoon)
Biography of Nanne Ottema
Leuvenum en De Bannink. Een interdisciplinair onderzoek naar de twintigste-eeuwse geschiedenis van twee landgoederen op het Overijsselse en Gelderse platteland, in hun ruimtelijke, economische en sociale context
Pavoncello, M. (Michela)
The role of politicisation in explaining the electoral support for right-wing nationalist populist parties (RNPP) in Europe. A case study of France, Italy and the Netherlands
Leren in de Friese Agri & Food
Poutré, H.J.P. la (Hugo)
The population size of England c. 1300
Game changer: participatory structures in video games
Ribbers, C.J. (Caroline)
Yoga, somatics and meta-learning: key-ingredients of a pedagogy that supports vocational dance students at HE level to self-regulate their somatic learning process
Ros, V. (Vincent)
The subjective frame: a cognitive approach to authenticity in documentary film
Schipper, K. (Kirsten)
Het architectuurbeleid in Nederland
Shah, N.M. (Nasser)
To what extent the Kuwaiti presence is consistent with international human rights law in its treatment of non-Muslems?
Shaw, D. (Dannielle)
The life and works of Sir John Peyton (1579-1635)
Spits, H.C.W. (Jet)
Onderzoek naar de betekenis van een verblijf in het Friesch Volkssanatorium/Beatrixoord voor de patiënten in de periode 1910-1962
Tops, B.J. (Bert)
In Readers' Hands: the Vorsterman Bible (1528-1545) from a Users' Perspective
Valle Rojas, J.A. del (Juan)
Imagining the unpredictable: Communication, power and technology in José Ricardo Morales' transnational theatre
Vos, R.E. de (Ruby)
Living with toxicity. Mapping the toxic in contemporary culture
Wagemans, J.M. (Andrea)
Negotiating different innovation logics in entrepreneurial journalism: looking beyond the perceived naturalness of open innovation
Media and Journalism Studies
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