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Research Department of Genetics Students
University Medical Center Groningen

Student research training project (GENK 2013-2014)

"I did my 2-week research training project at the genetics department of the UMCG. During this project we got in touch with scientific research and learnt about the possibilities that are offered to bachelor medicine students in this field.

In order to learn about the research going on at the department, small private lectures were arranged for our group, given by researchers currently working there. They all gave presentations on their specific field of knowledge and their practical contribution to the research. Also, we got to talk to the head of the genetics department and a student from the JSM project working on research. They explained the benefits of starting with research early in your curriculum and provided us with a lot more inside information about their expertise. Finally, we had to write a newsflash based on a recent publication and a report. We also had to present a poster of the research we did in the lab of the genetics department.

I see this project as a valuable addition to the curriculum of medicual students, in that it emphasizes the importance of and the possibility to participate in scientific research in the field of genetics."

Bob Schut, JSM student, year 1 (GENK) 2013-2014: Leeronderzoek/Research Training Project
June 2014
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