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Research Department of Genetics
University Medical Center Groningen

Alejandra Hernandez Segura, MSc

November 2013 - May 2014

Investigating the role of lncRNAs in celiac disease pathogenesis

Supervisors: Cisca Wijmenga and Vinod Kumar

Many things make the student’s experience very enriching at the Genetics department. But if I had to choose one, I would say that the highly critical opinions that characterize this group is what makes you grow the most. In such a big research group, there are of course divergent points of view. It is quite impressive to be at someone else’s presentation or even at a journal club (discussion of a new publication) and see all these experienced people sharing their opinions, criticisms, suggestions and comments. However, it is exactly this critical thinking that forces you to learn more and that encourages you to ask questions, and also to be more critical of your own work. After six months at the Genetics department, I have learned incredibly much about statistics and genetics, but more than that, I feel way more prepared for the difficult path that is inherent to making a scientific career.

Internship as part of the Top Master programme in Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation, University of Groningen

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