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GEM Fellows

Beugelsdijk, Prof.dr. Sjoerd
Culture, International business, Foreign direct investment, Multinationals, Institutions
Bezemer, Prof.dr. Dirk
Transition, Development, Agriculture, Rural, Credit
Brakman, Prof.dr. Steven
International trade, Economics of agglomeration, International transfers, Exchange rates, International macroeconomics
Dietzenbacher, Prof.dr. Erik
Input output analysis, Industrial ecology, International trade, Industrial organization, Economic growth
Drogendijk, Prof.dr. Rian
Internationalization, Multinational Corporations, Culture, Cultural differences.
Erumban, Dr. Abdul
Economic growth and development, Measurement and analysis of productivity and technological change, Structural change, Digital transformation and its impact, Globalization
Garretsen, Prof.dr. Harry
International economics and geography, Economics of agglomeration, FDI and international business, Economic growth and development, International monetary and financial economics
Haan, Prof.dr. Jakob de
Monetary policy, Fiscal policy, Political economy, European integration, Economic growth
Inklaar, Prof.dr. Robert
Productivity and economic growth, Technological change, Technology use, Financial sector, Business cycles
Klasing, Dr. Mariko
Long-run economic development, Culture & economic behavior, Economics of the family, Cultural change
Kohl, Dr. Tristan
International economics, International trade, Trade agreements, Economic integration, Gravity models
Los, Prof.dr. Bart
Economic growth, Interindustry analysis, Productivity, R&D, Technology spillovers
Minasyan, Dr. Anna
Political Economy of Development, Gender and Culture in Economics, Foreign Aid and Growth
Muller, Prof.dr. Alan
Antecedents and outcomes of corporate social responsiveness (CSR), Multinationals and the drivers & structure of cross-border CSR, Organizational attention patterns, identity and managers’ values as intrinsic drivers of CSR
Nikolova, Prof.dr. Milena
Economics of happiness, transition economies, development economics, labor, migration, nonprofits and civil society
Perez Alvarez, Dr. Marcello
Development economics
Rao Sahib, Dr. Padma
Theory and estimation of matching models with applications to mergers and acquisitions and marriage markets, Interactions between labour market behaviour and fertility
Shin, Dr. Jiyoung
Non-market strategy, Corporate social responsibility, International business strategy
Skali, Dr. Ahmed
Political economics, Culture and institutions, Behavioural economics, Economic history
Slager, Dr. Rieneke
Corporate social responsibility, Responsible investment, Shareholder engagement, fsQCA, ESG
Steiner, Dr. Andreas
International economics, International finance, Monetary economics, Central banking, Applied econometrics
Timmer, Prof.dr. Marcel
Productivity, International comparisons, Technological change, Industrial development, Asia
Veen, Dr. Kees van
Managementmodes, Adviesbranche, Interne arbeidsmarkten, Organisatietheorie, Organisatorische effecten van informatietechnologie
Vries, Dr. Gaaitzen de
Development economics, Productivity measurement, Applied econometrics, Economic growth, Latin America
Wacker, Dr. Konstantin
Foreign direct investment, Economic growth and development, Macroeconomics of poverty and inequality, Export upgrading, Panel data
Wang, Dr. Feicheng
International trade, Labour economics, Development economics, China
Wiese, Dr. Rasmus
Political Economy and Fiscal Policy
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