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In-House Expertise

The strength and uniqueness of CogniGron lies in the physical systems that are investigated (with scalability potential beyond current solutions) and in the multidisciplinary character of the approach. Therefore, collaborations beyond disciplinary boundaries are a number one priority. CogniGron brings together expertise from two prominent institutes within the Faculty of Science and Engineering, the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials and the Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, building on their strengths in various disciplines: materials science, physics, mathematics, computer science and artificial intelligence. Thereby, CogniGron is creating an environment that encourages creativity and open communication to solve scientific questions more efficiently.

In the figure below the existing expertise related to CogniGron and the relevant disciplines, highlighting the excellent position of CogniGron to make progress in the field of cognitive computing. Over the last year, CogniGron has attracted new expertise on the borders of various disciplines, aiming to increase the synergy and collaborative efforts between the different disciplines. This provides a communicative bridge between the existing expertise in materials science, AI, mathematics and computer science.

Overview of expertise in CogniGron
Overview of expertise in CogniGron
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