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Research Bernoulli Institute

Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

The mission of the Bernoulli Institute is to perform outstanding academic research and teaching in Mathematics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, and to maintain international leadership herein; to foster these disciplines as a living body of knowledge, and to make it relevant to society in its broadest sense.

The symbiosis between pure and applied science, and between mono- and multidisciplinary research and teaching, is a distinguishing characteristic of our institute. As an important part of this mission we aim to transfer our results to other areas of science and technology, and initiate and expand inter- and multi-disciplinary research collaborations.


02 May 2019
Niels Taatgen (AI) speaks about Brain Inspired Computing (in Dutch)
02 May 2019
Research Minute Young Academy Groningen - Marieke van Vugt (AI)
12 October 2016
Robots as problem-solvers in production lines
25 November 2015
RUG spin-off company reduces energy consumption by up to 35%
03 November 2015
How brains work | Lab@MyPlace
24 April 2013
Students' robot takes a trip
05 December 2012
Bernoulliborg even more sustainable