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Research ENTEG Research

ENTEG Principle investigators

Assistant, Associate & Full Professors

Principle investigator

Research focus

Prof dr Dario Bauso

Optimization and Decision Systems, Game Theory, Optimal Control, Operations Research Engineering, Logistics

Dr Ranjita Bose

Polymer thin films, Chemical Vapor Deposition of Polymers, Functional Polymers Structure-property Relationships, Self-healing Polymers, Rheology

Prof dr Ming Cao

Complex networks, autonomous robots, decision-making, distributed control

Dr Ashish Cherukuri

Multi-agent systems, Distributed Algorithms, Networked Cyber-physical Systems, Game Theory, Optimization under Uncertainty

Prof dr Claudio De Persis

Cyber-physical Systems, Resilient Control, Data-driven Monitoring and Control, Dynamical Control Networks, Smart Power Grids

Dr Peter Deuss

Chemical products from renewable resources, Biopolymer characterization and chemical modification, Catalyltc biomass conversion, Lignin structure-reactivity relationships

Prof dr Gert-Jan Euverink

Bioprocesstechnology, Separation Technology, Water Technology, High Throughput Screening, Enzymology, Proteomics and transcriptomics

Prof dr Maryam Ghandchi Tehrani Active vibration control, nonlinear dynamics and energy harvesting

Prof dr ir Erik Heeres

Chemical reaction engineering, catalysis, renewables, biofuels, biobased chemicals

Prof dr Bayu Jayawardhana

Mechatronics, robotics, systems & control theory, systems biology

Dr Edita Jurak

Analytical Chemistry. Carbohydrate and enzyme characterization, protein and DNA analysis, gene expression and protein purification, plant biomass

Dr Ajay Kottapalli

Micro/Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS/NEMS), Nature-inspired Sensing, Biomimetic Materials and Sensors, Biomedical/Clinical/Healthcare Sensors and Devices, Triboelectric nanogenerators, Flexible Nanoelectronics, 3D printed sensors

Dr Anastasiia Krushynska

Wave Dynamics, Phononic Materials, Material Science, Acoustics, Metamaterials

Dr. Vasilis Kyriakou

Heterogeneous catalysis; electrocatalysis; solid oxide fuel cells; nitrogen fixation; carbon dioxide reduction; water electrolysis; alkane activation; protonic ceramic membrane reactors; chemicals and electrical power cogeneration; electrochemical promotion of catalysis

Dr Francesco Maresca

Solid mechanics, Multi-scale materials modeling, crystal plasticity, atomistic simulations, physical metallurgy

Dr Monica Acuautla Meneses

Piezoelectric materials, Mechatronic engineering, Flexible electronics, MEMS/NEMS (Micro/Nano Electro Mechanical Systems), Sensors, Piezoelectric devices and Energy harvesting

Dr Nima Monshizadeh

System Theory, Model Reduction, Dynamic Optimization, Power Networks, Privacy

Prof dr Yuato Pei

Materials Science and Engineering, Electron Microscopy, Laser Materials Processing, PVD & Plasma Activated CVD, Nanostructured Materials, Coatings and ThinFilms, Self-healing Materials, Surface Engineering and Tribology

Prof dr Paolo Pescarmona

Design of Catalysts for the conversion of renewables to sustainable chemical products, Green Chemistry, CO2 utilisation, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Homogeneous Catalysis, Electrocatalysis, Zeolites and Mesoporous materials, Nanomaterials, Supercritical CO2

Prof dr Francesco Picchioni

Chemical Engineering, Polymer Science

Dr Patrizio Raffa

Development of new polymeric products, especially amphiphilic and bio-based for industrial applications (e.g. enhanced oil recovery, coatings, smart materials)

Prof dr ir Jacquelien Scherpen

Order reduction methods for networks and nonlinear control systems, distributed and nonlinear controllers

Prof dr Antonis Vakis

Tribology and Lubrication, Multiscale Contact Mechanics; Mechanical Design; Manufacturing Processes; Renewable Energy; Biomechanics

Prof dr Marc Van der Maarel

Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology, Microbiology, Food Science & Technology, Intellectual Property and Patents , Applied Biocatalysis, Starch, Carbohydrates

Dr Elisabeth Wilhelm

Robotics for rehabilitation and assistive devices, artificial sensory stimulation, real-time bio-feedback and human-machine interaction

Dr Jingxiu Xie

Catalytic performance of solid catalysts

Prof dr Jun Yue

Chemical Process Intensification, Microreactors and Flow Chemistry, Microfluidics, Centrifugal Contactors, bio-based Chemocatalytic Conversion

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