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Research Research School of Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences Education PhD Training Programme

A. BCN Standard Courses and Activities (14 credits)

14 EC are to be earned by taking BCN Standard Courses and Activities. A description of these courses can be found below. We advise PhD students to look after getting your ECs within the set period of time.

- Compulsory courses (11,5 ECTS)

BCN Orientation Course (3 ECTS)
BCN Poster Presentation (once: 1 ECTS)
BCN Retreat (once active and once passive participation: 3 ECTS)
BCN Management Competences in your PhD project (2 ECTS)
BCN Statistics Course (2 ECTS)
BCN Symposium (once: 0,5 ECTS)

- Optional courses

BCN Master Classes (0,5 ECTS)
BCN Lectures (0,25 ECTS)
GSMS Publishing in English (3 ECTS)
GSMS Presentation Skills (0.5 ECTS)

MD/PhD students, and others who have a contract for 2 years research time, should earn 50% of the 30 EC. 10 EC of the 15 EC should be earned out of the BCN Standard Courses and Activities. The BCN Orientation Course and the BCN Management Competences in your PhD project course are the only compulsory courses in this case.

For all irregular PhD students, including those mentioned above, the Examinations Committee will have to approve the deviant training programme.

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