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Research Research School of Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences Education PhD Training Programme

BCN PhD Training Programme

The Research School of Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences (BCN) is a multi-disciplinary research school within the University of Groningen. This means that BCN advocate interdisciplinary research and that you will meet a lot of PhD students who do not necessarily have the same background as you have. BCN does not expect you to be able to collaborate with all of them, but would like to educate you in such a way that you will have an understanding for other disciplines and that you can communicate with scientists from other disciplines. This multidisciplinary aspect is the basis of some of the BCN standard courses.


During their four year appointment PhD students are to complete a training program with an overall study load of 21 weeks (30 EC), distributed as follows:
1. BCN Standard Courses and Activities (A): 14EC
2. Other Courses (B), Research Related and Academic Activities (C): 16EC

PhD students with a 3 years’ project should earn 22.5 EC: 12 BCN EC (A), 10.5 EC in the elective part (B and C), PhD students with a 2 years’ project should earn 15 EC: 10 BCN EC (A), 5 EC in the elective part (B and C)


Registration with the Graduate School of your 'own' faculty provides access to courses and activities in their educational programme. If you are interested in neuroscience research and also would like to participate in courses and activities of the Research School BCN, you are also required to register with BCN. PhD students from the UMCG register themselves by Hora Finita

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