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From its beginning as a purely Economic European Community, the European Union (EU) has flowered into the worlds largest multi-national trade-block, encompassing 27 Member States and more than 500 million citizens. Together with its expansion in size and economic clout, the EU’s activities are no longer limited to the merely economic like the internal market and competition law, but covers areas as diverse as consumer protection, environmental protection, energy networks and human rights protection.

The department of European Law at the University of Groningen aims to encompass specialists that cover all these diverse topics, this makes it possible to give students at the Faculty of Law a complete overview of the law of the EU and how it affects national legal orders. Underneath the heading of ‘protecting European citizens and consumers’ the staff of the department have established a strong academic reputation in top tier journals. Special attention is deserved for the functioning of the Internal Market relating to Goods, Competition Law, Citizenship and Environmental Protection.

The focus on a high level of quality in academic output is reflected in the department’s dedication to push students to an equally high level of academic achievement, which results in a high number of Groningen alumni pursuing an advanced degree in Oxford, Cambridge or the College of Europe.

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