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Programme Committees

Programme Committees play an important role with regard to quality assurance within the Faculty. They are close to the education offered and have an advising role at programme level towards the Faculty Council, the Faculty Board and the Director of Education. The Programme Committee and her tasks are arranged for in article 9.18 of the Higher Education Act (‘ Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek’ (WHW) ). This article shows three main tasks for the Programme Committee:

  1. Give advice with regard to the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER);
  2. The annual assessment of the way the TER is/was executed;
  3. Give advice, both consulted and unsolicited, on all issues regarding education within the programme (education execution, planning of education, study advising, course evaluations, etc.).

The Faculty of Law has ten Programme Committees. Each Programme Committee is composed of students and academic staff (equally divided). Next to the tasks mentioned above, the Programme Committee is also the place for students to report matters to. Students can send complaints, suggestions and problems about courses, examinations and/or staff members to the student members of the Programme Committee. The table below shows the email address available for each Programme Committee.

Are you interested in joining a Programme Committee? Student members are selected yearly based on an application procedure which is taken care of by the study association which is linked to the respective programme.

Law (‘Rechtsgeleerdheid’) programme

Responsible for Ba Rechtsgeleerdheid (richting Nederlands Recht) and Ma Nederlands Recht

Academic staff: Tel.
Prof. S.A.J. Munneke (chair) +31 50 36 35682
J. van der Veen, (official secretary) +31 50 36 35096
K.K. Lindenberg +31 50 36 38065
prof. W.D. Kolkman
J.G. Knot
+31 50 36 36143
+31 50 36 35739
Students: ocrg
Larissa de Vries
Nynke Renders
Frank Barneveld (secr.)
Nassim Jarir

Notarial Law (‘Notarieel Recht’) programmes

Responsible for Ba Rechtsgeleerdheid (richting Notarieel) en Ma Notarieel Recht

Academic staff: Tel.
Prof. L.C.A. Verstappen (chair) +31 50 363 5479
H. Halma +31 50 36 35479
J.H.M. ter Haar +31 50 36 38529
Students Vevonos: ocnr
Isahara Autar
Gopesh Tamminga
Liselot Baron

Tax Law programmes

Responsible for Ba Rechtsgeleerdheid (richting Fiscaal) and Ma Fiscaal Recht

Academic staff: Tel.
Prof. J.N. Bouwman (chair) +31 50 36 35726
J. Scholten +31 50 36 35725
W.M.H. Grooten +31 50 36 33690
Students GFE: ocfr
Rozemarijn Vaartjes
Brigitte Hafkenscheid
Ellen van 't Klooster

Law and Public Administration (Recht en Bestuur) programmes

Responsible for Ba Rechtsgeleerdheid (richting Juridische Bestuurskunde) and Ma Recht en Bestuur

Academic staff: Tel.
Prof. H.B. Winter (chair) +31 50 36 35394
A. Tollenaar +31 50 36 35394
B. Brink +31 50 36 35694
Students Dorknoper: ocrb
Pieter Bolhuis
Anne Fleur van der Meer
Irma Bosma

International and European Law (LLB) programme

Responsible for LLB International and European Law

Academic staff: Tel.
B. Hoops (chair) +31 50 36 35898
prof. G.P. Mifsud Bonnici +31 50 36 37700
prof. P. Merkouris +31 50 36 38258
L. Squintani +31 50 36 35602
P.F.T. Tukker, official secretary +31 50 36 32704
Students Nexus:
Isabelle Dahl
Elena Haig
Ruth de Jong Montero
Lucie Alexandra Cruanes

English-taught master programmes (LLM)

Responsible for LLM Energy and Climate Law, LLM European and Economic Law, LLM Global Criminal Law, LLM International and European Law, LLM International Business Law, LLM International Commercial Law, LLM Human Rights Law and LLM Public International Law

Academic staff: Tel.
prof. H.H.B. Vedder +31 50 36 38073
A. Rachovitsa +31 50 36 35667
R.C. Fleming +31 50 36 35632
K.C. Wolkotte (official secretary) +31 50 36 35243
Asyana Jade Eddy
Dominika Maria Lysien
Sam thyroff-Kohl

Law & ICT (IT-Recht) programmes

Responsible for Ba Rechtsgeleerdheid (richting IT-Recht) and Ma Recht & ICT

Academic staff: Tel.
Prof. P.G.F.A. Geerts (chair) +31 50 36 35614
E.D.C. Neppelenbroek +31 50 36 35774
R. Koolhoven +31 50 36 35651
Students LISA: ocrict
Petra Boonstra
Daniël Tjeersma
Nina van den Thillart

Research Master

Responsible for Research Master

Academic staff: Tel.
Prof. P.C. Westerman (chair) +31 50 36 35637
Prof. O.O. Cherednychenko +31 50 36 35658
A. Tollenaar +31 50 36 35394
L. Both (official secretary) +31 50 36 35936
Hans van Gennep
Jelmer van Straten
Sjoerd Kalisvaart

Permanent Committee for the first year (Propaedeuse)

Docentleden: Tel.
Prof. K.J. de Graaf, SBB (chair) +31 50 36 35787
L.J.J. Peters, STRCR +31 50 36 35746
L.D. van Kleef-Ruigrok, ARW +31 50 36 35709
N. Mirzojan, PRNO +31 50 36 32547
B. Roorda, ARW +31 50 36 37040
Student members:
Tessel Biemolt (PR)
Caio Newton (PR)
Frank Buma (PR)
Frouke Minkema (TBR)
Nassim Jarir (TBR)
Vera Pethke (TBR)
Evita ten Veen (Friesland)
J.J. Dijkstra (Director of Education) +31 50 36 35784
A. Labberté, study adviser (official secretary) +31 50 36 35727

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