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Publication Package for PhD candidates

A personal folder has been created for each GGSL PhD candidate on the Faculty's Y drive: a Publication Package.

The folder is labeled with your name and P-number and you can find it by using the search path: Y:\GGSLPublication Packages

This folder meant to store all files related to your dissertation such as text files and other publications, literature, reports and research data. Main reasons for using a Publication Package are:

a. The Y drive gives optimal security against data loss, such as a good backup but also 'restore' function of previous versions;

b. Via the Y disk you can securely share files with your promoter/supervisor so that they have insight into your progress (can 'look along');

c. The data after your promotion and departure from the RUG will not be lost because of the deletion of your account (your personal X disk);

d. Data from empirical research remain available for possible reuse or follow-up research;

e. Any personal data will be kept in a controlled way, in accordance with the AVG, and destroyed on and by the agreed deadline.

In this document (PDF) we explain everything in more detail, including how you can safely transfer your files and who has access to them. And of course where you can go with questions.

If you do not see a folder with your name, please contact Anita Kram .

For other researchers

Non-PhD students are also invited to make use of a Publication package, especially if they work with several people. In that case please contact the Privacy & Security coordinator of the Faculty, Maarten Goldberg .

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