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Faculty of Law starts new academic year from Röling Building

05 September 2023

The move is over. Starting with the 2023-2024 academic year, the Röling Building at Oude Boteringestraat 18 in Groningen will be the new home of the Faculty of Law at the University of Groningen.

Röling Building

Up until the move this summer, the Faculty of Law was housed in the Harmonie Building at Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26, along with the Faculty of Arts. Both faculties had been experiencing space shortages for some time due to growth in student and staff numbers. As a result, staff members worked from various buildings around the city centre. With the new accommodation in the Röling Building, the faculty has one common home base for all staff members.

Hall Röling Building

From library to inspiring teaching and research environment

The building at Oude Boteringestraat 18 was designed in 1992 by renowned Italian architect Giorgio Grassi. For many years, the building was the home of the Public Library. In 2019, the library moved to Forum Groningen and renovations for the faculty began. The design from library to work and study space was elaborated by the architectural teams of Cruz y Ortiz / Inbo. The extensive project was carried out by Visser & Smit Bouw in collaboration with Homij Technische Installaties. The end result is a beautiful new building with all the necessary facilities for a comfortable, pleasant and functional teaching and research environment for both staff and students.

Prof. Bernard Röling

Naming after Prof. Bernard Röling

The Röling Building is named after Prof. Bernard Röling. Röling was professor of criminal law, criminal procedure and criminology at Groningen's Law Faculty from 1949 until his death in 1985. As a professor, Röling founded the Polemological Institute in Groningen in 1962 to investigate causes of war and conditions for peace. From this position he played a central role in the ongoing (inter)national discussion of peace and security policy on both the scientific and political fronts until his death in 1985. His appointment as a judge at the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal in 1946 brought him into contact with international law.

Official opening op 9 November 2023

The building will officially open on 9 November 2023.


Visser & Smit Bouw
in cooperation with Homij Technische Installaties
Cruz y Ortiz / Inbo
Amsterdam and Heerenveen
Construction Advisor
Installation Advisor
Syperda Hardy
Building physics and fire safety Advisor

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