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New Technology Law and Innovation LLM programme offered by the Faculty

04 October 2022

For the 2023-2024 admissions round, the Faculty has introduced a new LLM to its portfolio of specialised programmes: Technology Law and Innovation. In this one-year LLM programme, students will think creatively and learn from our leading researchers in the field of technology law.

The Academic Director of the programme is Prof. Jeanne Mifsud Bonnici, who describes the programme as:
'You can see this LLM as the leader of the next generation of LLMs in Technology Law, building on the pre-existing knowledge many students already have in this field.  This allows deep-dives into course topics and students can expect to leave the programme with very advanced levels of knowledge on the current legal developments in tech law and innovation.  What is also special about the LLM is the innovation perspective: innovation is not just another aspect of discussion but is a guiding tread in all the courses offered. This means we look at different tech law components and understand how innovation is, or is not, enabled by law and what this means for the innovation process.  Further, I'm very proud that we manage in our courses to combine ethical, human rights, consumer rights, and business perspectives when discussing innovation. This, we trust, leads to a more complete understanding of this complex field of law. '

So who is this LLM for? Prof. Bonnici elaborates:
'This LLM is meant for students who have enjoyed bachelor level courses in technology law and want to deepen their knowledge and sharpen their focus on how law affects innovation.  Ultimately, this LLM is for future leaders...students who want to be part of the legal changes that enable further digitalisation of our societies. It is for the students who will be the future ministers of innovation in their countries, the leaders of international institutions such as the ITU, the legal counsels of technology companies, and the ambassadors of innovation in society.'

The Technology Law and Innovation LLM, as well as the rest of the English taught LLM programmes at the Faculty, are currently accepting applications for studies beginning in September 2023. You can find more information about the programme at the Technology Law and Innovation webpages, and are welcome to join our Masters Week presentation for the LLM on November 24th. If you have any questions, please contact the Faculty through our information request form.

*The LLM Technology Law and Innovation is registered as a track under the LLM CROHO label European Law in a Global Context (60688).

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