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Law in Practice course units


Law in Practice is a collective name for all activities, either inside or outside the Faculty, which allow you in some way to put law or legal science in practice, get in touch with the labour market, and practise important skills according to the labour market. This could e.g. be done by taking up aninternship, participation in a Law Clinic, participation in Moot Courts, etc. More information can be found on theCareers Services Law websiteand inOcasys(bachelor and master).

Awarding credits

Only the course units which appear in the overview inOcasys(bachelor and master) can be awarded with ECTS.

Rules applied when including Law in Practice course units on your list of courses:

  • In order to be awarded ECTS for a Law in Practice course unit, the course unit must have prior approval of the Board of Examiners via de graduation process approval in Progress.
  • You will also have to, if applicable for your specific Law in Practice course unit, fulfil the requirements arranged for in theInternship Regulation.
  • Your job cannot be registered as an internship.
  • Participation in a Law in Practice module can lead to the awarding of 10 ECTS (bachelor) or 12 ECTS (master) maximum. For the English-taught bachelor programme International and European Law, including the Technology Law track, these ECTS are always extracurricular, so on top of the required 180 ECTS of your LLB programme.
  • If you are participating in more than one internship or write more than one paper (or a combination thereof), these cannot be dealing with the same topic.
  • The same activity cannot be part of several lists of courses.

Contact persons

Overview Faculty contact persons Internships.

Please check Ocasys for the coordinators of the Law in Practice course units.

Last update: 21-7-2023

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