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Application pre-LLM

Prospective students with a Dutch bachelor degree (both HBO and research university)

For your application in one of the Pre-LLM programmes at the Faculty of Law, you will have to take some administrative steps. In order to apply for the pre-LLM programmes you need to register in Studielink and in the University of Groningen Online Application System (OAS). You need to apply directly for the pre-LLM.

  1. In Studielink you choose:
    - Bachelor's or other non master programmes
    - Starts in the first year : No
    - Study programme name : Internationaal en Europees recht ( Pre-Master, English taught )
    A pop-up will appear that you need permission of the university, etc. Please ignore it and continue. It allows you to go further and proceed with your application.
  2. In OAS you choose:
    - the pre-LLM International and European Law
    - click the specific pre-LLM you wish to apply for under 'specialisation'.
    Please make sure you upload the required documents.

Deadline for application is 30 June. Applications submitted after 30 June 2019 will not be considered for the pre-LLM programmes anymore!

Prospective students with a non-Dutch bachelor degree

For applicants with a non-Dutch degree it is not possible to apply for the pre-Master programmes directly. Candidates apply for a LLM programme and if the Admissions Board decides their educational background is not sufficient for direct admission to this LLM programme, they may decide to offer a place in the pre-LLM programme. If this is the case, the Admissions Office will direct you to the procedure for applying to the pre-LLM. The deadline for application for is 1 May. Applications submitted after 1 May 2019 will not be considered for the pre-LLM programmes anymore!

Last modified:15 October 2018 1.12 p.m.