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Transferring credits

Due to the number of inquiries we receive about transferring credits into the LLB programme, we have decided to include relevant information for those thinking about doing so.

To note, the structure of the LLB programme in International and European Law is set so that specific courses must be taken to satisfy the requirements for graduation. There are no electives in the course except for those studies students pursue during their exchange period in the 3rd year. What this means, is that to transfer credits from another course at a different institution, that course would have to be similar, if not identical, to a required course in our programme in order to replace your required participation in our course. Also, we use the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) and so the credits you intend to transfer into Groningen need to be similar in value.

As we do not have a formal transfer system in place, we instead work with exemptions for separate courses. If you would like to request exemption(s) from a course(s) in the LLB programme, you will have to send us the following official information:

  • the name(s) of the course(s) you have taken and official recognition of completion of the course(s);
  • the number of credits that were awarded to each course separately;
  • the course description(s) in full, and in English;
  • the literature that was used for the course(s);
  • the level of the course(s) (in which year it was taught);
  • how many hours per week the course(s) took.

If you can provide us with that information, we can evaluate if any exemptions from our courses are possible in the LLB programme.

Before sending in a request for exemption, it is very important to understand that as we are teaching law in English and our own system is Dutch law (we also teach in Dutch) we do not teach substantive and formal national laws, but rather concepts of law, etc. Hence, it is quite unlikely that you have had a similar course at the university/institution from where you are transferring credits from, especially if in another country.

Nevertheless, if you are interested to transfer credits for exemption of a course in the LLB, please contact our Study Advisors at LLB with the required information above.

Last modified:27 September 2022 10.13 a.m.