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About us Faculty of Law International programmes Global & Intercultural Engagement Distinction

Learning outcomes GIED

Aims and learning outcomes Global & Intercultural Engagement Distinction (GIED)

Upon completion of the Global & Intercultural Engagement Distinction, you will be able to:

  1. navigate an increasingly globalized reality, both professionally and personally;
  2. identify the impact of culture on communication and interactions between people;
  3. articulate your own cultural values and preferences;
  4. demonstrate curiosity about different cultures and shift perspectives when analysing an event;
  5. describe the common cultural dimensions (continuums);
  6. know and understand global perspectives in language and culture;
  7. analyse different law systems from a global or intercultural perspective;
  8. deal with the challenges of working and studying in an international/intercultural oriented environment;
  9. speak a language other than your mother tongue and/or language of instruction of your programme;
  10. adjust to a different (legal) cultural environment;
  11. apply different law systems;
  12. develop professionally and personally by (self-)reflection.
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