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Category 4: Foreign language learning and proficiency (RGGIED4006)

You can complete this category by acquiring a certain level of a different language than your mother tongue and/or the language of instruction of your programme.

If you are a student in a Dutch-taught programme, the course Legal English is accepted as well. All UG Language Centre courses (teaching a foreign language) which are completed with an individual assessment can be accepted. For all non-UG language certificates the rule of thumb is that the institution offering the language course must be internationally recognised and an individual assessment should be part of the certificate (so no certificates of participation). E.g. language courses offered before the start of an exchange period abroad can be accepted. Please be aware that you need to progress at least one level the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Online language courses will not be accepted, with the exception of language courses which have added a very strong class component

Also check out the Rules and Regulations for this category.

Last modified:16 August 2019 3.52 p.m.
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